Hartz Kills Again

Hartz has killed again. We purchased a small kitten (approximately 6-7 months old) from a neighbor. We felt that we “rescued” the kitten because the little kitten was always hanging around our business, under cars, in the parking lot, etc. Well, the kitten probably would have had a better chance at survival had we not taken her. Shortly after bringing her home we noticed fleas on her. We purchased a Hartz product, intended for small kittens, and applied as directed. This was a VERY active, playful kitten. A few days later she began to show signs of fatigue, no appatite, and had very sad eyes. After a day or so of not eating or improving we took her to a vet. After extensive tests and a bill of over $400.00 the vets determined that she had been poisened by the flea medicine. She died the next day. This product MUST be removed from store shelves.

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