Hartz Ear Mite Treatment For Dogs

My pooch, Rascal, has battled ear mites for the past few years. Typically I would use the powder from Tractor Supply, but recently ran out. Wal-Mart does not carry the same product, so I opted to use the Hartz Ear Mite Treatment for dogs. Lastnight around 8:00 p.m. I put 5 drops in each ear. The dose suggested is 5-10 drops for 16 to 30 pound dogs, and 10-15 drops for 30+ pounds. Rascal weighs 51.6 pounds. This morning when I got up at 8:00 a.m. he was holding his head sideways, shaking his head slowly back and forth, and instead of being his cheerful usual self, he went and hid under the kitchen table. I coaxed him out with a dog treat and he stood there with his head sideways….still slowly moving his head from side to side. I thought he may have had a reaction to the ear mite medication, and I was, indeed, correct. He had puss coming out of both ears, and they were both red and inflamed. I can only imagine what it would look like if I would have used the FULL dosage. I immediately took him to the bath and flushed his ears with lukewarm water to provide temporary relief. I called 1-800-275-1414 which was listed on the back of the Hartz package and the lady IMMEDIATELY asked me for my name, address, phone, dog’s name, dog breed, lot number of the package, place where package was purchased, symptoms that Rascal was having…and told me to get him to the vet. She also gave me a Claim# and told me to send a copy of teh billing invoice to them , as well as the unused portion of the ear mite medication, and a copy of my store receipt. I called the vet, and they asked to see him as soon as possible….so I loaded him up and took him for a ride to the vet. He is now on 4 different medications, and is laying around like he is just drained of his energy. His 7th birthday is coming up in about a week, and I am actually scared for him. The vet has him on Prednisone 5mg, Ciprofloxacin 250mg, Malaseb flush, and Otomax 15gm. My dog has to take two different pills twice a day, plus he has to go through me flushing his ears and rubbing in the ointment from the vet. Isn’t he in enough pain already??? I am supposed to take him back to the vet in 2 weeks. Today’s appointment cost me $96.41, so the next appointment SHOULD be less UNLESS he has to get MORE medication. I feel so guilty! I tried to help Rascal with his ear mites, and I bought a brand that I thought I could trust, and my dog is now suffering. My vet had NEVER seen this kind of reaction to the Hartz Ear Mite medication….Rascal was their first patient with this type of reaction. He had puss coming out of his ears….and it is still there…but HOPEFULLY the meds will take care of it. I am sending a COPY of my bill, my receipt, and the unused portion back to Hartz in New Jersey. This is ridiculous. I was worried that he would have a reaction from the flea and tick drops….but I never imagined that the ear mite medication would do this. He is in pain….and I know he is probably mad at me for putting it in his ears to begin with. He is always so good at getting his ear powder (he loves having it rubbed in) but today he won’t let me even touch his ears. Can anyone help?

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  1. i have this problem to with my cat tho i used it on my 3 cats (the kind for cats) and now my cat tiny started to get weak and wabble constantly scratch s her ear and jypsie has puss filled bumps iin her ear what can i do im 13 so i don’t no email me at [email protected]

  2. DON’T USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! It is dangerous. My dog had a sever allergic reaction to it and had to be hospitalized! Thankfully we were able to get him treatment quickly or he would not be here.

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