dog save cats life but long night to recovery for our 2 year old cat.

It started like any other day we were doing our monthly flea control when we used the product. I had gave her a bath the day befor and she was doing just fine. I grabed a tube of Hartz (3 and 1) and followed the directions to the “T”. I applied the drops to her and she was fine for the first four hours. I was cleaning my house around 4:00 p.m. when my jack russel started to act wierd and bitting at my feet and running to the end of the couch . When i went to see what was wrong i saw her, head to the floor and her feet were extended out as if she was hit by a car, locked in that state. I grabed her and laid her on her side not knowing what to do i called the emergency animal hospital. They told me to immediatly wash her with dawn soap and warm water. I did that and for hours she just shook convulging and seizureing non-stop for the whole night. All i wanted to do was to care for my 9 years old daughter’s cat’s flea problem. My daughter has alleriges to fleas and she has grown to love this cat like a human it stays in her room till she gets home and follows her every where. In the back of my mind all i could think was if this cat dies how will i tell my daughter. After that evening we took her to the vet he said thanks to your dog’s good tranning she will be just fine. I never thought i would have to think (if i buy this will it kill my cat or dog?). i am glad to know about this site because of all of the responses of this issue we knew what to do. Our cat, Sassy, is doing fine and will make a full recovery but i will never forget the night i went through for her to be ok. I dont see how it is possabel for this product to be allowed to on the market i think 7,000 complants in a six month period should grabb the FDA’s attn..

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