I have two cats. I used the Hartz Flea and Tick drops on both of them. One cat was fine but the other one seemed puny after being treated. I didn’t know that it was the drops. I treated them again the next month (using half a dose per cat) and the same cat became lethargic for 3-4 days before recovering her appetite and energy. I thought she was just sensitive to these drops. I had to stop using them because this cat was very thin and threw up a lot. I had a hard time getting her to eat. I thought it was my fault for repeatedly treating her with these drops.
I have used another Hartz product (the 2 in 1 Flea and Tick spray) on a kitten. He seems to have some paralysis in his hind legs. I feel like it is important to note that I never used the full application for kittens on him. I only hope that Hartz will take these claims seriously. So far, I have not been blessed with children and these animals fill part of that void for me.

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