To Gerry

Gerry, this morning, 4:30 am I was awakened by my cat having a seizure. He continued to seize until I got him to the vet at opening @ 8:30. It was horrible. Bio-spot was also the product we used. Rascal is now hanging on by a thread, with an iv catheter at the vet. I contacted Farnam today, and they told me they would reimburse the vet fees. Call 800-234-2269. I was surprised by their helpfulness. It was apparent they have dealt with this on numerous ocassions. They actual have an after hours emergency line just for vets to call into to find out what to do. incredible that they still sell the product.

they will never be the same

on 10/01/06 i used the the hartz flee drops on my 2 cats. One is just a baby born in 06/06 and the other one is my best friend of 12 years. I used the drops and within 25 minutes i knew something was wrong. I washed both cats off in the sink and noticed that they were still acting very different. The youngest one was really twitchy and wouldnt stop crying. Not knowing the seriousness of what could be happening i curled her up in a blanket and cuddled her all night. At this point my older cat wasnt acting very different. The next moring i woke and the kitten was still acting very strange. She wasnt her usual self she just kinda lied around. My older cat who has always been fat and lazy i didnt notice anything different about her. After a few hours my friend called me to tell me about all the horrible things that she was reading about Hartz online. So i knew something worng and rushed the youngest one to the clinic, still not thinking anything was wrong with my older one. The vet said that out of the 100s of cases that they have dealt with conserning the same matter, my kitten was in great shape. She gave me pills, drops and special shampoo to use on both cats. I brought the kitten home and assuming that we were now in the clear went out for dinner with family. I returned home later that night to find my older cat staggering aroung, drooling, and twitching worse than i have ever seen. We had to force some of the pills down her throut to stop the twitching. The vet said that both my cats should be ok but will never be the same.

I am extremely outraged that a company is allowed to sell this product from any pet store or major department store. This product is well known to kill or in my case damage the nervous system of the cat. Anyone who is planning on sueing this company please contact me i will join in. We need to fight for our cats, or pets, or family!!

my daughters cat

My daughter called me on the phone like she does every night and complained of her 5 month old kitten having fleas. But tonight she was spraying him with Hartz flea spray and was happy she could help him with his problem. While we talked she sprayed and we both felt good that Baily would be feeling better soon. But to our surprise Baily started acting odd; not long after my daughter applied the hartz spray. She was starting to get worried; he just laid there and cried. So my daughter got on the internet and found this site, thank God!, she and her boyfriend rushed right in the tub and gave Baily a bath; good news Baily is now ok, acting himself. This is just awful to have no regard for our pets that we so love. Please tell everyone about Hartz!!! today!

Hartz 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray – DANGEROUS!!

I have a 6 month old cat, Bailey who seemed to have fleas. I got him when he was only 6 weeks old, and so I knew that when he got older, I would have to do something other than bathe him to rid of these fleas. Now, at 6 months, I decided to place some drops above his shoulder blades. Unfortunately, these drops did nothing, and he still had many fleas. I decided to pick up some flea spray at the store. After I purchased ‘Hartz Advanced Care 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Cat Spray’, I came home, and sprayed Bailey. A few hours later, he bagan acting very strange, and nothing like himself. He was being lazy and meowing non-stop. My fiance mentioned that he only began this odd behavior after we put the spray on him, so I decided to reseach Hartz spray online, only to find numerous complaints about the product. Many upon many websites claiming its harmful, and has KILLED several kittens and cats. I immediately gave Bailey a bath, and am crossing my fingers for the best. If this behavior occurs again, I will immediately take him to the vet. But I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE others to STAY AWAY from this product. It is BAD NEWS. Just because its sold in a local pet store, or department store, that doesnt nessisarily mean that its safe for your pet. Personally, my cat means a lot to me, and he is part of my family. I would be devistated if I lost him over a companies horrible product. If you care about your pet, please stay clear of Hartz. If you have already used a product by Hartz, and your pet seems to be acting differently than usual, take them to the vet immediately and make sure you give them a bath using plenty of soap to wash away the product!

I really hope my story can help someone researching the same thing as I did. I am greatful to have had the feedback I did. Also, I suggest if you also see your pet having a bad reaction to this product, you contact Hartz and report it. Lets not let them keep a product out that is harmful to our pets!!

my babies are gone

My two beloved Pomeranians, Pepper and Marley, were 12 and 1 month shy of 11 when they were stolen from me by Hartz. I had never used Hartz before that horrible day. They were always on products like Frontline and the like their entire lives. Due to life-altering events, I had to take my two babies with me to stay with my parents in the country. I thought that I should maybe be extra cautious and purchase some “additional” protection against possible ticks that would very likely be waiting for us on out in the grass of ‘the sticks’. I thought that I was being extra protective of my babies, when actually I had just made the worst decision of my entire 34 years alive. I purchased Hartz Flea & Tick Spray from a Wal-mart- it was late at night and that was the only store open and Hartz was the only product there. I sprayed both of them when I got home. I didn’t spray the recommended 30 or so sprays; instead, I sprayed about 7 or 8 sprays. About 3 hours later, I noticed that Pepper seemed to be having difficulty breathing. I didn’t think TOO much about it, as she had the “collapsing trachea” problem common to Pomeranians. I was used to her making funny noises sometimes when she was having one of her breathing problems. It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning to discover that Marley was also having difficulty breathing that I decided to take them to the vet. He couldn’t figure out what would be troubling them. We went through every possible scenario: could they have eaten something? gotten bitten by a bug? etc. They had bloodtests. It didn’t occur to me for almost an hour that the only thing out of their normal routine was that Hartz Flea & Tick spray that I had sprayed on them the night before. They were immediately bathed with the hopes that it hadn’t been absorbed into their skin. By this time, it’s Friday late afternoon and I’m advised to take them to the emergency vet, as they would be supervised at all times during the night. That Sunday night, July 4 2004, I had to give my permission to take Pepper off of her life-support machine. I watched as she took her last breath. That image is always in my head and will always be until I die. My sweet Marley lived exactly 1 week more and then passed away on July 11, 2004- despite extreme attempts by the clinic staff. My only chance of happiness died with those two precious lives, as I cannot get rid of the guilt that I carry because I am the one that sprayed them with that poison. I had always been so protective of them for their entire lives. I had never, ever heard how horrible Hartz products were! I had never used them. It only takes 1 time! I tell everyone that I come into contact with of the danger of Hartz products. I want every store that carries Hartz products to stop immediately! Even Petsmart and Petco sell Hartz!! We have to stop Hartz from murdering our family members for profit! Please send me any info on petitions, pickets, lawsuits, etc. in Texas that anyone knows about. I won’t rest until Hartz is gone- just like my babies are!



My cat had a reaction to Hartz spray

I noticed that my cats had fleas on them, so I went to walmart bought HARTZ flea and tick spray. I sprayed both cats with them, and left for work. I came home the next morning, and noticed my one cat wasnt acting right. I picked her up and was petting her. I let her jump out of my arms, then she about fell over. She couldnt even walk. It was like she was drunk. I called a vet, they said to bring her in right away. My cat had a reaction to that spray. The vet gave her some shots and is keeping her over night. She said that shes had over 20cases since the summer casue of Hartz products. Im soo upset, I go buy a product I thought was good cause of the name. Everyone knows the name brand Hartz. I never heard of cats and dogs dieing from this, somthing needs to be done. I cant beleive they are still in buisness. I hope my baby girl will be ok. I wont know until later if she will live or not. I’m sooo upset right now, my husband called Hartz 800 number and cussed them out. Thats our baby girl they did this to!!!!!!!!

Pet Owners Beware of HARTZ

We recently applied Hartz flea and tick drops to our older cat Oreo because we saw a flea on the younger one. Later that evening we noticed our young one Angel was having trouble walking so we looked up Hartz as that was the only thing we could think of that he may have had contact with, we saw this site and panicked! We immediately washed Oreo and called all of our local veterinarian hospitals for advice. This was late in the evening and we could only get a hold of one vet who was rude and stated that we had to come in with 400-800 dollars. We could not afford that so we checked on him througout the night. The next morning he was the same not able to walk or keep his head up it seemed that he was really disorientated and dizzy. We took him into our local animal hospital and the vet gave me a lecture on how bad HARTZ was for cats and kittens and to never ever expose our cats that product. I was shocked and amazed that everyone knew but me and the product was still on the market. THEY ARE STILL SELLING THIS CRAP!!! The vet said Angel will be okay and sent him home after receiving the antidote and fluids. He is lying on the floor completely unresponsive. We are waiting to see improvement as he just came back from the hospital. I want every pet owner to be aware that this product is poison for our beloved animals. My wish is that I am the last person caught unaware of the dangers associated with this awful product HARTZ!!

Thomas – Another Victim

My son purchased the Hartz flea drops and put on his male cat, Thomas. He found poor Thomas the next day dead. I just don’t understand how a company can continue to get away with selling products that kill helpless animals!!!

Gerry Jaworski

We need to do a class action lawsuit and now. My cat is allergic to fleas, but he hates the medication. Well, feeling bad for him I thought I will get the flea medication and sneak it on his back, at least some of it. I grabbed the one Bio-spot and put on a small amount before he freaked out on me. A few hours later he is acting all weird. Cannot jump up even on a low sofa table, he tended to keep tightening his muscles and making odd facial expressions. Only thing I could think of was he was either poisioned or the flea medication. I went back to the container to find that it was for Dogs. Yes my fault, however, the picture of the cat with the line going across meant to mean No Cats, I couldn’t even see it! It was the size of this —–> O Now seriously, if it will kill a cat then it should be alot bigger than that! A pea you eat was larger then this. He went to the emergency clinic, a mere $275 to be taken the next day to my vet, where he is now. This is wrong. If I would have seen the stupid ass logo then I would have never used it, but even the dont’ use on cats was in a font no bigger than 4. I am not blind, but come on you cannot even see it. I am starting a suit from this and I will get my money back or go to court. So good luck all, wish Scuttle good luck!

By the way you only need one successful lawsuit for the courts to follow with the same ruling, so if anyone knows of cases that were made and won let me know it will shorten up the work load of looking.