Poor Chelsea – We Nearly Lost Her

A few months ago my mother had bought a Hartz flea collar for our little mutt, Chelsea. My mentally ill brother later that night took the collar out of it’s package and gave it to our dog to chew on. (we have chew jerkies, which he confused the collar as) About a half an hour later, our dog came tumbling down the stairs, shaking and biting on her own tongue.
We took her to the vet where Chelsea had to have her stomach pumped, and was on a life support system for a week. So far Chelsea is doing better, but we’ve had to go back to the vet every week for two months now to give her injections and to check up on her organs.
Hartz, you’ve cost us over a thousand dollars in vet bills and nearly the life of my best friend. Shame on you.

My baby kitten died

I bought some hartz flea drops for my tiny kitten because he was covered in fleas. I didn’t have much money so I bought the cheap kind not thinking anything of it. I put the drops on him and within about 6 hours this little bundle of fur was having seizures on my couch and couldn’t walk. He was just crying out. It was the middle of the night so I found an emergency vet,(expensive) and took him there. By the time I got there the vet said my cat was going to die. So instead of letting him suffer I had them put him down while he layed in my arms. After he passed away I continued to hold him and watch them damn fleas still alive as ever crawling all over him and in his poor eyes. It was just discusting. He is now buried in my front yard where my 2 little daughters put to rest their first pet. This company sucks to keep selling a product that kills our beloved animals. I can’t get myself to get another cat for this reason and I spend a fortune on flea medicine for my dogs. I will not go through that again for something so ridiculous as I can’t afford the good stuff.

Scared and Want Help

I read a couple of these stories and I’m not sure what do do. first i bought a Hartz Flea Collar and I saw what they can do…

Can anyone please contact me and tell me what happened when they used a Hartz Flea Collar? I thank God for letting me find this website. i didn’t think this product sounded very safe when it had so many warning on the back.

Hartz killed my baby

Tigger was the oldest of my cats, we have had him for 2.5 years. My husband has been locked out from his work and then laid off from the new job he got just last week. The cats didn’t NEED flea and tick medicine but we had always had drops for them from the vets. We always got Revolution and had no problems at all. We couldn’t afford to get it for all 5 cats so we bought the OTC drops thinking they were just a weaker version of what we get from the vets. BIG mistake. Within 20mins of applying the drops to Tigger he had laid down in his favourite spot and had soiled and peed himself I am assuming during the seizure and died. With me watching helplessly. DH tried to do cpr but he was gone. I held him for a while and cried. We buried him today. I hope he is at peace now. I called The National Pesticide Information Center this morning and reported his death. She said I could call Hartz and tell them too not that it would do much good. I blame myself for not being informed on how evil Hartz are and I thought I could trust them instead I lost my precious baby. People need to be aware at how dangerous their products are.

Took cat to vet 3 days later cat looks sicker than when I first took him in!

I took my pet cat to the vet a few days ago because he looked lethargic. They (the vets) recommended AMOXICILLIN. I was like if this will heal my cat faster–great! My cat had an injury and lost his front claw toenail a few weeks before—ouch!
I waited a long time before seeing a vet, about 4 weeks. Although his toe looked like it was healing. There was pink showing through. It was only until the cat started looking tired and weak, he even hid for several hours before we could find him in the house. I thought he was outside since he hid so well. So I took him to the vet and they injected him with Tapeworm, an antibiotic (supposedly will get things moving quicker. Plus some flea liquid for his neck. Total bill: $250.00.
What’s annoying the crap out of me is the cat is more sicker and won’t eat a thing and is salivating. He’s nauseous from the medicine. I’m ticked that the damn vet gave him all this crap when his temp. was fine—okay. So why the hell the medicine and why the hell is my cat sicker and his paw looks worse. It looks brown and has a coating like I’ve never seen. I’m calling tomorrow to find out what’s up. I’m not a happy camper and I’m ticked with the nonchalant attitude and the bullshit they raise when it’s out cat!!!!
Ticked in MICHIGAN!!!!

Sick Dog!!

I recieved a call from my mom few days ago telling me that our family dog Tarzan had thrown up and was not eating much. She said the minute she bathed him, he started to vomit. At first we thought it might be an allergic reaction since he was still walking around and being somewhat playful.
A few days later, he stopped eating completely and continued to vomit pure liquids. It went from vomiting a yellow liquid to a green color. At this point we’re thinking its just the stomache flu but then I started to ask my mom more questions. We finally figured out that maybe it was the flea drops we used a week prior to this.
She told me the brand name is Hartz and so I looked it up online. As I started my search, she told me she had been using not only the Once-a-month Flea & Tick Drops for dogs but also the 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Spray and the Shampoo. I knew the dog had been poisened after finding this website. We are gonna take him to the vet asap and I will keep you informed on what happens. Thank you for this information and website. I can’t believe this company is still allowed to sell thier products!! ~Andrea

I really hate fleas

Well we had a bad out break of fleas this year, so I bought the frontline for my cats and dogs and along with that I sprayed my house. Well needless to say frontline needs to know why their product doesn’t work, I was told to use their spray to save money because I have multiply pets. I bought the big bottle which if you round it out is $60.00, I had to buy a second bottle because I ran out. Plus flea stuff for my floors. Also I had the cats wormed by the vet. After all this it still didn’t work. I was so feed up with the amount of money I spent that I went and bought flea collars for my pets, I bought Hartz for my cats, big mistake!!! Not only are my cats having breathing problems, but it make me sick. I woke up this morning coughing, my throat is now itchy, and the smell from the collars made me sick to my stomach. Worst of all, all my cats are now sneezing. I swear if I end up at the vets again because their crappy collars made my cats sick I will go off! I already notice my one cat is breathing heavy and making noises. If I contiune to get more effects and need to go see my doctor. I will report them to the health department. The sick thing through all this is the fleas are still kicking, like roaches!!!! I spent in the last 5 months $450.00 out on flea and vets. I’m too the point that I want to contact frontline and complain how the fleas are imuned to their product, and Hartz needs to know their killing the animals and humans not the fleas!!! I think the health department needs to label fleas as pest and be held responsible to eradicate them like they do with other rodents and roaches. Any more the fleas are safer than the products that kill them!!! Thank you so much for your eye opening web site!!!!!!!

kittten poisoned

Me and my boyfriend decided we wanted a kitten. We found a free kitten add in the paper so we called and went to check the last two kittens out. We decided we wanted both of them since they were so attached to eachother. So one was mine and the other was his. The kittens are about 10 weeks old and after 2 days of having them i knowticed they had flees. I have had cats and dogs my whole life and this was never really an issue. I used harts flea and tick spray and washed them with the shampoo. They then began to act extremely different. One was worse than the other, he walked as if he was drunk. He was realy jerky and twitchy. He couldnt walk and fell over. The he rested for a long time and was real clingy. I then went onto the internet to find some information and i found this site. I for sure thought there was no chance for him. It was also too loate to go to a vet. I just cant figure out why something this toxic can be out of the market. Killing thousands of animals…thank god they are still alive… and they will never be the same. Hopefully this smessage gets out before the same thing happens to anyother innocent animal.

Hartz Flea Collar

My tea cup yorkie had a seizure today, it was the first time. He is a helthy little dog. After that, we figured out that we just started using a new hartz flea collar a couple of weeks ago. Aparently, this is not the only case, be carefull with this products.

my sister in laws shay-shay

i haven’t all the money in the world and i had heard good things about hartz so i had bought it.

every thursday i give my dog, and my sister in laws dog shay shay a bath. we ran out of our normal brand of dog shampoo, and i wouldn’t get payed for another couple of days which meant i had to get somthing cheap. my mother uses hartz on her animals. nothing bad has ever happened to any of her cats or kittens. so i bought some, i used it on my dog donahue first and then on shay.

i didn’t know what to do when i noticed shay kept licking her paws and chewing on her back. She kept whining and crying.

a week later, donahue is completlye healthy, nothing wrong happened at all. but shay is bald. she lost al lehr hair. she eats less and just mopes around. we give her fish mocks, and hope that it’s okay, but neither one of us can afford to take her to the vet.

i feel absolutley horrible. but i don’t know what there is to do for her.