My loss

My cat Meriadoc was thirteen and still acted like a kitten. My elderly vet said he was the sweetest, most calm and laid-back cat he’d ever met. My cat Madison is half purebred show Persian and has a terrible problem with fleas. I bought the Hartz flea medication hoping it would help, because the more expensive products only seem to last a week or so. Madison cried and struggled when I applied it to his neck. (He doesn’t fight or object when I apply Advantage) A bit later I noticed Meriadoc was grooming him, licking the back of his neck. I stopped him, but didn’t realize the full danger. A week later, I noticed Meriadoc was a bit thin. He was always a pudgy cat, even as a kitten. On September 30th, I had him put to sleep because he was dying. Madison has lost a lot of weight and is displaying many of the same symptoms. The autopsy on Meriadoc showed his liver and spleen were over five times normal size, and he had peritonitis and growths throughout his abdomen. I’m not avoiding facts when I say that up till the day he licked the Hartz, he was fine. And now he’s dead.

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