dog toy NOT ideal for strong chewers but dangerous

I sent the following message to Hartz:

I bought this toy for my 8 year old Golden who is a strong chewer but she doesn?t destroy toys easily ? they wear down after a while but if they are good quality, they don?t break into dangerous pieces.

I bought her the Dental Rubber Scrubber and within half an hour it was destroyed and in pieces. Luckily she doesn?t seem to swallow the pieces ? at least I hope she didn?t swallow any. I don?t need to incur a vet bill because of blockage!

This toy is definitely not what it says it is: durable, ideal for strong chewers ? it?s ideal for no dog and quite dangerous.

I don?t think I will ever buy Hartz products again , not even shampoo! I no longer have faith in your products ? I think your bottom line is more important than the welfare of our pets.

I thought the name Hartz stood for quality, reputation and love of animals.

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