beware of hartz cat toys too

i am SO glad i found your site BEFORE i ever used such a harmful product on my cats.

i just wanted to add a word of warning to be very careful of some of the hartz toys as well since i have run into a few that are poor quality. some quick examples:

1. their fishing pole – my cat managed to eat a couple of the feathers which tore out almost immediately while we were playing (and yes, when i saw them in his mouth i jumped up to get them out but he swallowed them before i could grab them) and the elastic which is so thin, another cat chewed through it in minutes and could have very easily swallowed that too or the tiny bead strung onto it had i not immediately thrown the toy in the trash.

2. the dizzy daisy – the “crinkly petals” of the flowers which are supposedly designed to entice the cat by the sound they make are apparently very tasty too. once again, into the trash it went.

3. the hartz catnip bubble bottle – the stuff inside had gone bad and when i dipped the wand in, it came out covered in what i can only describe as putrid slime. yep, trash.

i’ve been lucky that with my unfortunate naivete, my cats have managed to pass or vomit the bits they’ve eaten…

please people use common sense with animal toys and don’t make the same mistakes i have. i think dangerous animal toys should be banned too and regulated like children’s toys are. hartz may not be the only culprit here, but they dominate the shelves at my local grocery store and pet stores so i hold them at least partially responsible for the crap out there.

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  1. Beware of the thin elastic cord used on the “Gone Fishin” toy. My cat easily bit through both ends and swallowed. Needless to say after a 2 day stay at the vets, she was able to pass all 14 inches worth. The good news is that she had broke it into 3 pieces prior to swallowing. I am told that she most likely would have had to have surgery had it remained intact estimated to cost as much as $1200.

  2. I am SO glad to have found a place to vent about this terrible company! I have had issues with their food and flea treatments just like everybody else but I have also had issue after issue with Hartz pet toys and even contacted them about it. I think their flea collars should be removed from the market and the company charged with fraud. Fleas like to LIVE UNDER brand new Hartz flea collars! It is their preferred location.

    My next issue is with their hamster enclosures. They are great! The animals love the curvy corners and they are made in all kinds of fun shapes and styles but there is ALWAYS ONE spot where a plastic edge can be chewed away by the rodent. They would eventually escape if you did not replace an otherwise perfect habitat! Either intentional planned obsolescence or NO quality control at all.

    I bought a stick for my budgie to stand on. A NICE one with a beefy washer and nut to attach to the cage, it was a nice looking thing and not cheap for a bird stick. The FIRST time the bird landed on it the damn thing broke right off! A budgie broke a stick that looked big enough for a parrot.

    Then there is that EXPENSIVE stupid apple shaped wind up thing with a feather on a stick in it. The wind up motor is SO LOUD that the cats would need at least 2-3 minutes to get used to it before they would even consider touching it but guess what? The CRAPPY wind up mechanism only RUNS the stupid thing for about 20 seconds! As a result they never touched it despite many efforts to get them to try it. It LOOKS like they would have fun with it if it was quieter and ran for a minute or two.


    There have been more. It took me a little while to realize all my problems with pet products were coming from one company and at least once I have realized too late that what I purchased was from Hartz. I will NEVER let that happen again!

    Stunned at the arrogance.

  3. I bought my cat the feather stick from Hartz for the first time. She loves her feather stick toys and usuallu goes through them in like 3 days. The ones I bougbt before would usually fall out in more playble clumps.

    She has been projectile vomiting all night and we kept finding freen fibers. I have plants but one id a big money tree and the ither is in contiment and untouched.

    Remembered the toy I bought her and sure enough….it was a feather. I immediately threw it away and have been watching her all night.

    She is just dry heaving now so I gave her some wet food with extra water to keep her hydrated and at least throw SOMETHING UP…but I am very worried that some is stuck in her system. It was been about an hour between vomits so it IS becominf less frequent.

    Don’t buy a single Hartz item. They don’t care about your furr babies.

  4. I got my cats Hartz pure catnip and after a few hours noticed they had vomited. And now the next day are acting strangely. Rolling all over hitting there heads on the floor not leaving people alone and wanting to bite. We’ve never had this problem with other cat nips before.

  5. Beware:
    The Hartz Fishing pole cat toy is extremely dangerous for cats. My cat had the elastic cord wrapped tightly around his neck multiple times in a matter of seconds while he was right next to me! Thank goodness I was home and this did not happen at while was at work because he would have been strangled by this dangerous toy. Needless to say the toy is now in the trash.

  6. Has anyone else had issues caused by Hartz catnip? I bought some for my kitten about a week ago and had been using it until I realized the brand. Haven’t had any problems yet but I’m a bit worried.

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