tick-like infesting my guinea pigs food

This is absolutely ridiculous.I bought and opened my usual Hartz brand guinea pig food,poured my little guinea pig some and left the room for a few hours.I came back and decided i was going to pick him out some of his favorites from his food container..btw i always pour the whole bag of food into a container and most of the time theres about two cups of food left over so i leave it in the bag and put it in my closet until i need it..anyway, then i noticed this tick-like bug crawling around in it so i panicked a bit and crushed the bug after looking closely at it.I then checked to see if there was more and indeed there was…so i poured the food outside, forgetting i still had an opened bag of food in my closet.I went straight to my guinea pig to check him for ticks just to make sure,even though i wasnt completely convinced those things i found in the food were even ticks…and sure enough i see two ticks on his tummy.Im not really blaming the food for giving him those ticks but reguardless i now have to bring him to the vet and this is one vet bill i absolutely didnt need at this time ,and i have to clean the whole room including the closet because im sure more have gotten out of the bag, and to make matters worse he has no food to eat while waiting for his vet appointment.

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