Hartz Guinea Pig Food

I just bought a bag of Hartz? NUTRITION? Bonanza? Guinea Pig Gourmet Diet from my local Wal-Mart.
Inside the bag were LIVE TICKS!! Which have since, attatched themselves to Gizmo, my Guinea pig.
I spoke to Wal-mart and Hartz about it. Both have given me the run around, blaming the other party for the problem. Hartz wants me to mail them the ticks that I have from the bag. I don’t think I need to do that. Relinquishing my only evidence in this matter, only to give them the oportunity to “have never recieved” my evidence?! I think not.
I can’t put 100% blame on Hartz for this, simply because I don’t understand how live ticks would be sealed inside of a bag of food unless it is some cruel joke.

The Claims Department at Hartz, however did offer to review the case, and want a copy of the itemized bill from the Vet, hopefully giving them the chance to review my case and possibly refund me for the Vet charges.

I only wish I would have inspected the bag better (Or found this website before last night, maybe I wouldn’t have bought Hartz in the 1st place). Inspect the bags of food you buy for holes, or if it has a clear area on the package, look inside it and make sure nothing is moving inside of the bag. And good luck to everyone with problems and thank you so much for having a website such as this.

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