Gidget Paralyzed for 2 days because of Hartz flea drops for dogs!

I have an 8 week old lab/shepherd mix puppy. We adopted her when she was 7 weeks. She came from a shelter that had a heavy infestation of fleas. Her first night home she scratched like crazy. So I went to the local Wal-Mart and purchased the Hartz Flea and Tick 3-month supply of drops. I think I only spent $4.54. I thought what a deal and I will rid my puppy of her fleas. She was great for three days and no scratching or sight of any fleas. Day 5 came and what a scare. She wouldn’t move. We assumed she had a tummy ache because she wasn’t eating much and she had vomitted once. Day 6 came and things got worse. Our puppy had not eaten in the last day or so. We had not even seen her drink from her dish. We went out to check on her and realized she was sitting in her wet bed because she had peed so much. We were then scared for her. We tried to pick her up and she squealed like we were killing her. Our nine year old daughter started to cry. She is such a good Mommy for our pets. She went to our puppy’s dish took a little food out and got a medicine dropper full of water. My daughter sat on the ground and put food in the puppy’s mouth followed by squirts of water. It took her almost an hour to get a suitable amount of nourishment in the puppy. As soon as she finished the puppy laid down whimpering and went to sleep. My husband and I went to work but continued to worry. I called a Vet in our area to discuss our issues. I was told by the nurse to bring in our puppy immediately. The scare was that she may have Parvo or Distemper which could kill her. At this point we were horrified. My husband rushed home and picked up the puppy. He took her into the yard and hosed her off because she wreaked of pee. He got her favorite comforter and a pillow and put her in the front seat. On the way to the Vet he said she raised her head yawned and licked his hand. He thought she was getting better. But when he got her to the Vet she could no longer walk. So he carried her in where she collapsed. Immediately she was rushed to an observation room. The Vet rushed in to check on her. She only had one eye opened. My husband began to cry and thought she was dead. The Vet and nurses worked on her for a while and to my husbands surprise she raised her head again looking for him. He went to her and rubbed her tummy. The Vet returned and advised she needed X-ray’s. My husband waited for several minutes but she returned panting and looking around. But she still could not stand up or move her legs. The Vet advised there was severe swelling in her joints. She was given a pain-killer and an anti-inflammatory drug. Thirty minutes later she stood for the first time in two days. My husband hugged her and went to the counter to collect the new food the Vet wanted her on, her med’s, and our bill… $150 for this horror story. What? The Vet could not explain but suggested it may be the puppy drops. My question is why? Why is Hartz selling an item that has nearly paralyzed our puppy and others according to stories on the Web? What can we do? And shouldn’t the company be responsible for the care for the pets affected by their products? So far we are now doing the waiting game for our puppy, now known as Gidget Vivlemore. She still has problems standing on her own. And we are yet to see her run or bark. I just don’t know. I think she is scared at this point. This was suppose to be like a fairy tale for her. We found her at a shelter that was set on killing her because she had been there too long and had not been adopted. Well we saved her from that… But was it just to see her paralyzed from Hartz pet products?

Deborah Vivlemore
Mesquite, Texas
[email protected]

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