Close Call!

I just adopted my kitten not long ago. She is 6 weeks old and still alive today, but I had a close call with one of the Hartz products.

I was holding Chessy [that’s the kitten’s name] and I noticed a few fleas crawling on her. So, I took her to the bathroom and looked around to see if I had something for the fleas. What I found was Hartz 2 In 1 Flea and Tick Spray. I began to spray my Chessy, when on the third spray she turned around and looked at me, and the spray got in her left eye. Immediately, she began mewling and rubbing at her eye with her paw. I didn’t realize at all that any product meant to go on animals would hurt them when it got in their eyes. So I stopped spraying and picked her up. Immediately, I noticed that her eye and the lids around her eye had turned bright red so I freaked and called the Hartz number on the bottle. If I recall correctly, this was a bit after 8 or 9 pm; and when I called the number on the bottle, an automated message told me their office was closed and to call another number. Now, why would they put a number on the bottle to call in emergencies if they couldn’t at least have a decent 24 hour help line!? Well I called the number they gave me. I think it was poison control or something. Anyhow, at this point, Chessy was dragging herself around on her left side, with her face on the floor. Panicking, and thinking I had blinded her, I told the lady who picked up the situation with my kitten. She put me on hold a total of THREE times, each time lasting at least five whole minutes. And after all that, all she told me was to ‘give it a bath’. Aside from this, she asked how old the kitten was and I told her 6 weeks. Then she said that the product was meant for cats 12 weeks and older. IT DID NOT SAY THIS ON THE BOTTLE. Yes, the bottle had a label on both sides! It looked like it had come from the store and I can prove this. Maybe it said so on a sticker that was tore off or something, but that’s NO excuse, it should say it clearly on at least one side of the bottle itself! Well all in all, I gave my Chessy a bath, no I did not have to take her to the vet, and thank goodness I didn’t; I was pretty much broke at the time. I’m just grateful that I only got three sprays on her and I washed it off as soon as I could. I’m SO thankful that I found this website and learned what I did. I know my experience was not as severe as some of the other victims on this site, but, it just points out the pure ignorance of the Hartz company themselves.

Fayetteville, NC

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