My story..

In March of this year a stray cat I had been feeding became pregnant with a liter of kittens. And from that liter, I kept two of the male kittens. Up until about a month ago they were both healthy loving cats, who came indoors at night and played outside during the day. When my gray and white cat, Ralphie, was injured by a car, my mother and I rushed him to the vet and decided from then on out the cats should be kept inside at all times. We noticed a day or so later that fleas were a problem, so we spent no time going to walmart to search for a solution. There we purchased two flea collars and a packet of the 3 in 1 flea drops. We came home and, while the other cat was at the vet recooperating, decided to treat my other cat, Cletus, who was perfectly fine. I applied the drops to the back of his neck and fitted the collar to his neck and didn’t think twice about it. A few days later my Ralphie came home from the vet and I was a bit apprehensive about treating him, considering he was still ill. So I went online and searched to see if it would be ok to treat him. I found this very website in that search and read a few of the stories and what the brand had done to other peoples pets. I didn’t really think it would happen to my pet. Until two days ago. My cat started showing symptoms of an allergic reaction. He was foaming at the mouth and unusually sleepy, even for a cat. I refused to believe he was sick. A hairball made him throw up, I told myself. And I thought perhaps adjusting to not being allowed out doors made him a little down and depressed. The next afternoon, after laying down for a nap, I woke up and went to go refill the cat’s water bowl and feed them. I found Cletus laying on his side howling in my living room. I bent down to pick him up and he felt immobile. I tried sitting him down on his legs and he just fell over. I picked him back up immediatly and walked with him into my bathroom. His fur had vomit all over it. I thought washing his fur would help, so I ran a bath and got some shampoo and layed the cat in the sink. He didnt move. He didn’t protest. I continued to wash him, thinking if I just got all of the puke off of him and got him calmed down, he would make it through the night. I layed him down in a box after drying him and he tried getting up but staggered. He couldnt walk. He would walk from side to side for a few feet and then flop down in exhaustion. I tried taking a small syringe used to give babies medication and give him some water. But after about 3 or 4 hours of this, he pulled himself across the house, layed down in the hallway, had a seizure, and died. I never would have thought that something that was supposed to help pets, could kill them. I loved my cat. And now its too late to think and wonder what the medicine could do to him. The only thing I can do now is help promote awareness. If you have a pet, please don’t use this product. When you read these stories, don’t think “these are a bunch of people upset over freak accidents, looking for something or someone to blame”. That’s not it, at all. I wish I had believed this website before I treated my cats. If I had, he would still be here today.
Eden, North Carolina

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