Hartz killed three of my kittens

The Hartz flea and tick drops killed 4 of my kittens. My kittens had fleas so I was trying to be a good mother to them. So I bought some of the Hartz flea and tick for kittens. The next day my room mate woke me up and said that there was something wrong with the cats. They were not moving or doing anything. I had never had a sick cat before. So I tried to take care of it. When they started having seizers we took them to the vet. By the time we got there. Two had died and the other they had to put to sleep. Thats not counting the one that we could not find. Which we found later. And he was dead. The vet sent them off for autopsy and I still haven’t received the results. As soon as I do if it comes back that it was indeed Hartz that killed them. I will do everything in my power to bring down that company. Thank You for letting me tell my story.

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