Cat dead within 9 hours of flee bath Feb 14th 06

My wife & her son gave our cat a bath with Hartz 2 in 1 rid flea cat shampoo.
The cat was found dead 9 hours later. The cat was 3 years old with no known issues prior we are aware of. Seems odd to me. My wife said she used this product before, she thinks with no issues known. Everything went normal with the bath, they did not let it sit 5 minutes as instructed. Cat was found 9 hours later belly up and dead. No vomit or any other poisons were located. I wish I knew the cause of death. It would be a shame if the shampoo was to blame. There is no excuse for this if it was indeed the cause of death. We did not hear or see the cat soon after the bath he went downstairs out of view. We are all shocked by his early death. Rivers is in Kitty Heaven now, he was a good boy…………[email protected]

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