Bad reaction after 2 hours….

Two hours after applying Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea and tick drops on my cat he started to have a bad reaction. We noticed him running around as if trying to get the product off. His heart rate was elevated and he was panting. Upon taking him to an emergency vet he started salivating and he was having tremors. Keep in mind this is a cat with no medical problems and he’s only 5 years old. The vet informed us that he needed to stay overnight because the possibility of him having a seizure was very high. Thank god it didn’t come to that. While I realize we got lucky and it could have been worse, this should have never happened to him or any other cat. This product needs to be taken off the market. I want to make everyone aware that a bad reaction can be corrected if caught in time. My vet gave the cat an injection of Atropine, which worked and we avoided a seizure. The first thing that was done was they washed the remaining insecticide off of him with Dawn dish detergent.
We have three other cats that were given the same applications and thankfully they didn’t have a reaction. They were all bathed in Dawn, also. Please, for the sake of your cats health, DO NOT USE ANY HARTZ PRODUCT.

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