My baby kitten died

I bought some hartz flea drops for my tiny kitten because he was covered in fleas. I didn’t have much money so I bought the cheap kind not thinking anything of it. I put the drops on him and within about 6 hours this little bundle of fur was having seizures on my couch and couldn’t walk. He was just crying out. It was the middle of the night so I found an emergency vet,(expensive) and took him there. By the time I got there the vet said my cat was going to die. So instead of letting him suffer I had them put him down while he layed in my arms. After he passed away I continued to hold him and watch them damn fleas still alive as ever crawling all over him and in his poor eyes. It was just discusting. He is now buried in my front yard where my 2 little daughters put to rest their first pet. This company sucks to keep selling a product that kills our beloved animals. I can’t get myself to get another cat for this reason and I spend a fortune on flea medicine for my dogs. I will not go through that again for something so ridiculous as I can’t afford the good stuff.

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