Took cat to vet 3 days later cat looks sicker than when I first took him in!

I took my pet cat to the vet a few days ago because he looked lethargic. They (the vets) recommended AMOXICILLIN. I was like if this will heal my cat faster–great! My cat had an injury and lost his front claw toenail a few weeks before—ouch!
I waited a long time before seeing a vet, about 4 weeks. Although his toe looked like it was healing. There was pink showing through. It was only until the cat started looking tired and weak, he even hid for several hours before we could find him in the house. I thought he was outside since he hid so well. So I took him to the vet and they injected him with Tapeworm, an antibiotic (supposedly will get things moving quicker. Plus some flea liquid for his neck. Total bill: $250.00.
What’s annoying the crap out of me is the cat is more sicker and won’t eat a thing and is salivating. He’s nauseous from the medicine. I’m ticked that the damn vet gave him all this crap when his temp. was fine—okay. So why the hell the medicine and why the hell is my cat sicker and his paw looks worse. It looks brown and has a coating like I’ve never seen. I’m calling tomorrow to find out what’s up. I’m not a happy camper and I’m ticked with the nonchalant attitude and the bullshit they raise when it’s out cat!!!!
Ticked in MICHIGAN!!!!

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