Sick Dog!!

I recieved a call from my mom few days ago telling me that our family dog Tarzan had thrown up and was not eating much. She said the minute she bathed him, he started to vomit. At first we thought it might be an allergic reaction since he was still walking around and being somewhat playful.
A few days later, he stopped eating completely and continued to vomit pure liquids. It went from vomiting a yellow liquid to a green color. At this point we’re thinking its just the stomache flu but then I started to ask my mom more questions. We finally figured out that maybe it was the flea drops we used a week prior to this.
She told me the brand name is Hartz and so I looked it up online. As I started my search, she told me she had been using not only the Once-a-month Flea & Tick Drops for dogs but also the 2 in 1 Flea & Tick Spray and the Shampoo. I knew the dog had been poisened after finding this website. We are gonna take him to the vet asap and I will keep you informed on what happens. Thank you for this information and website. I can’t believe this company is still allowed to sell thier products!! ~Andrea

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