Hartz killed my baby

Tigger was the oldest of my cats, we have had him for 2.5 years. My husband has been locked out from his work and then laid off from the new job he got just last week. The cats didn’t NEED flea and tick medicine but we had always had drops for them from the vets. We always got Revolution and had no problems at all. We couldn’t afford to get it for all 5 cats so we bought the OTC drops thinking they were just a weaker version of what we get from the vets. BIG mistake. Within 20mins of applying the drops to Tigger he had laid down in his favourite spot and had soiled and peed himself I am assuming during the seizure and died. With me watching helplessly. DH tried to do cpr but he was gone. I held him for a while and cried. We buried him today. I hope he is at peace now. I called The National Pesticide Information Center this morning and reported his death. She said I could call Hartz and tell them too not that it would do much good. I blame myself for not being informed on how evil Hartz are and I thought I could trust them instead I lost my precious baby. People need to be aware at how dangerous their products are.

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