kittten poisoned

Me and my boyfriend decided we wanted a kitten. We found a free kitten add in the paper so we called and went to check the last two kittens out. We decided we wanted both of them since they were so attached to eachother. So one was mine and the other was his. The kittens are about 10 weeks old and after 2 days of having them i knowticed they had flees. I have had cats and dogs my whole life and this was never really an issue. I used harts flea and tick spray and washed them with the shampoo. They then began to act extremely different. One was worse than the other, he walked as if he was drunk. He was realy jerky and twitchy. He couldnt walk and fell over. The he rested for a long time and was real clingy. I then went onto the internet to find some information and i found this site. I for sure thought there was no chance for him. It was also too loate to go to a vet. I just cant figure out why something this toxic can be out of the market. Killing thousands of animals…thank god they are still alive… and they will never be the same. Hopefully this smessage gets out before the same thing happens to anyother innocent animal.

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