I really hate fleas

Well we had a bad out break of fleas this year, so I bought the frontline for my cats and dogs and along with that I sprayed my house. Well needless to say frontline needs to know why their product doesn’t work, I was told to use their spray to save money because I have multiply pets. I bought the big bottle which if you round it out is $60.00, I had to buy a second bottle because I ran out. Plus flea stuff for my floors. Also I had the cats wormed by the vet. After all this it still didn’t work. I was so feed up with the amount of money I spent that I went and bought flea collars for my pets, I bought Hartz for my cats, big mistake!!! Not only are my cats having breathing problems, but it make me sick. I woke up this morning coughing, my throat is now itchy, and the smell from the collars made me sick to my stomach. Worst of all, all my cats are now sneezing. I swear if I end up at the vets again because their crappy collars made my cats sick I will go off! I already notice my one cat is breathing heavy and making noises. If I contiune to get more effects and need to go see my doctor. I will report them to the health department. The sick thing through all this is the fleas are still kicking, like roaches!!!! I spent in the last 5 months $450.00 out on flea and vets. I’m too the point that I want to contact frontline and complain how the fleas are imuned to their product, and Hartz needs to know their killing the animals and humans not the fleas!!! I think the health department needs to label fleas as pest and be held responsible to eradicate them like they do with other rodents and roaches. Any more the fleas are safer than the products that kill them!!! Thank you so much for your eye opening web site!!!!!!!

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