they will never be the same

on 10/01/06 i used the the hartz flee drops on my 2 cats. One is just a baby born in 06/06 and the other one is my best friend of 12 years. I used the drops and within 25 minutes i knew something was wrong. I washed both cats off in the sink and noticed that they were still acting very different. The youngest one was really twitchy and wouldnt stop crying. Not knowing the seriousness of what could be happening i curled her up in a blanket and cuddled her all night. At this point my older cat wasnt acting very different. The next moring i woke and the kitten was still acting very strange. She wasnt her usual self she just kinda lied around. My older cat who has always been fat and lazy i didnt notice anything different about her. After a few hours my friend called me to tell me about all the horrible things that she was reading about Hartz online. So i knew something worng and rushed the youngest one to the clinic, still not thinking anything was wrong with my older one. The vet said that out of the 100s of cases that they have dealt with conserning the same matter, my kitten was in great shape. She gave me pills, drops and special shampoo to use on both cats. I brought the kitten home and assuming that we were now in the clear went out for dinner with family. I returned home later that night to find my older cat staggering aroung, drooling, and twitching worse than i have ever seen. We had to force some of the pills down her throut to stop the twitching. The vet said that both my cats should be ok but will never be the same.

I am extremely outraged that a company is allowed to sell this product from any pet store or major department store. This product is well known to kill or in my case damage the nervous system of the cat. Anyone who is planning on sueing this company please contact me i will join in. We need to fight for our cats, or pets, or family!!

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