my sister in laws shay-shay

i haven’t all the money in the world and i had heard good things about hartz so i had bought it.

every thursday i give my dog, and my sister in laws dog shay shay a bath. we ran out of our normal brand of dog shampoo, and i wouldn’t get payed for another couple of days which meant i had to get somthing cheap. my mother uses hartz on her animals. nothing bad has ever happened to any of her cats or kittens. so i bought some, i used it on my dog donahue first and then on shay.

i didn’t know what to do when i noticed shay kept licking her paws and chewing on her back. She kept whining and crying.

a week later, donahue is completlye healthy, nothing wrong happened at all. but shay is bald. she lost al lehr hair. she eats less and just mopes around. we give her fish mocks, and hope that it’s okay, but neither one of us can afford to take her to the vet.

i feel absolutley horrible. but i don’t know what there is to do for her.

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