UltraGuard Plus Caused Seizures in my Cat

About 18 hours after I put UltraGuard Plus for cats 5 pounds and over on my 8-pound cat, Cookie, I came home from work and found her at the bottom of the basement stairs, lying in her own urine and having seizures. I knew she had fallen down the stairs during the seizures, because numerous items had been knocked off several steps. I rushed Cookie to the vet, where she was sedated with phenobartitol to stop the seizures. After 2 days she came out of the sedation without further seizures, hungry but extremely weak — couldn’t stand up. Blood tests showed all results normal except for a “CPK” reading of 39,300 U/L compared to a normal CPK reading of 56 to 529 U/L. The vet has never seen a reading anywhere near this, and said this indicates massive muscle damage.

I called Hartz national office and spent 15 minute arguing with the person who answered the “customer service” line. It was clear she did not want to write down my complaints. I kept demanding to talk with her supervisor, and finally she filed a report on my case. I have talked with my local grocery stores and convinced them to take UltraGuard Plus off their shelves — at least temporarily. I also have called the grocery chains national offices urging them not to sell this product.

I was able to bring Cookie home after 3 days, but two days later she stopped eating. It became clear that she has a back injury from falling down the stairs. The vet prescribed a pain killer and a homeopathic ligament repair remedy — he was afraid to prescribe anything stronger for fear it would cause the seizures to recur. A couple of days later, I noticed that Cookie was heavily favoring her right hind leg. Tomorrow morning the vet will x-ray Cookie’s back and right hip and leg, to find out if anything is broken.

I still don’t know whether my cat will fully recover. I intend to send all of my vet bills (over $700 so far, not counting tomorrow’s x-rays) to Hartz and will continue pressing them until they reimburse me. You can be sure I will never again purchase any product made by Hartz. Please join me in boycotting their products!

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