Pet Owners Beware of HARTZ

We recently applied Hartz flea and tick drops to our older cat Oreo because we saw a flea on the younger one. Later that evening we noticed our young one Angel was having trouble walking so we looked up Hartz as that was the only thing we could think of that he may have had contact with, we saw this site and panicked! We immediately washed Oreo and called all of our local veterinarian hospitals for advice. This was late in the evening and we could only get a hold of one vet who was rude and stated that we had to come in with 400-800 dollars. We could not afford that so we checked on him througout the night. The next morning he was the same not able to walk or keep his head up it seemed that he was really disorientated and dizzy. We took him into our local animal hospital and the vet gave me a lecture on how bad HARTZ was for cats and kittens and to never ever expose our cats that product. I was shocked and amazed that everyone knew but me and the product was still on the market. THEY ARE STILL SELLING THIS CRAP!!! The vet said Angel will be okay and sent him home after receiving the antidote and fluids. He is lying on the floor completely unresponsive. We are waiting to see improvement as he just came back from the hospital. I want every pet owner to be aware that this product is poison for our beloved animals. My wish is that I am the last person caught unaware of the dangers associated with this awful product HARTZ!!

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