My cat had a reaction to Hartz spray

I noticed that my cats had fleas on them, so I went to walmart bought HARTZ flea and tick spray. I sprayed both cats with them, and left for work. I came home the next morning, and noticed my one cat wasnt acting right. I picked her up and was petting her. I let her jump out of my arms, then she about fell over. She couldnt even walk. It was like she was drunk. I called a vet, they said to bring her in right away. My cat had a reaction to that spray. The vet gave her some shots and is keeping her over night. She said that shes had over 20cases since the summer casue of Hartz products. Im soo upset, I go buy a product I thought was good cause of the name. Everyone knows the name brand Hartz. I never heard of cats and dogs dieing from this, somthing needs to be done. I cant beleive they are still in buisness. I hope my baby girl will be ok. I wont know until later if she will live or not. I’m sooo upset right now, my husband called Hartz 800 number and cussed them out. Thats our baby girl they did this to!!!!!!!!

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