My Buddy

I used the Hartz orange scented flea and tick shampoo on my dog Buddy. Almost immediately he began to scratch constantly. With in a week he lost almost all of his hair on his chest and the front of his front legs, and in over the weekend he started loosing it on top of his head and his rear end. We took him to the vet today and they said it was the shampoo. They said they have had numerous problems with Hartz products and no one should use them. My poor baby will have to endure three weeks of steroids and antibiotics and (as much as he hates them) a bath three times a week for three weeks and eye drops rubbed into his eyes before the bath. Buddy has always been the happiest dog I have ever seen but he stopped eating (and has lost five pounds) just whines (which he never does). He has not played in a week. The good news is the vet said he should be okay. Please warn everyone you know about Hartz products.

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