my babies are gone

My two beloved Pomeranians, Pepper and Marley, were 12 and 1 month shy of 11 when they were stolen from me by Hartz. I had never used Hartz before that horrible day. They were always on products like Frontline and the like their entire lives. Due to life-altering events, I had to take my two babies with me to stay with my parents in the country. I thought that I should maybe be extra cautious and purchase some “additional” protection against possible ticks that would very likely be waiting for us on out in the grass of ‘the sticks’. I thought that I was being extra protective of my babies, when actually I had just made the worst decision of my entire 34 years alive. I purchased Hartz Flea & Tick Spray from a Wal-mart- it was late at night and that was the only store open and Hartz was the only product there. I sprayed both of them when I got home. I didn’t spray the recommended 30 or so sprays; instead, I sprayed about 7 or 8 sprays. About 3 hours later, I noticed that Pepper seemed to be having difficulty breathing. I didn’t think TOO much about it, as she had the “collapsing trachea” problem common to Pomeranians. I was used to her making funny noises sometimes when she was having one of her breathing problems. It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning to discover that Marley was also having difficulty breathing that I decided to take them to the vet. He couldn’t figure out what would be troubling them. We went through every possible scenario: could they have eaten something? gotten bitten by a bug? etc. They had bloodtests. It didn’t occur to me for almost an hour that the only thing out of their normal routine was that Hartz Flea & Tick spray that I had sprayed on them the night before. They were immediately bathed with the hopes that it hadn’t been absorbed into their skin. By this time, it’s Friday late afternoon and I’m advised to take them to the emergency vet, as they would be supervised at all times during the night. That Sunday night, July 4 2004, I had to give my permission to take Pepper off of her life-support machine. I watched as she took her last breath. That image is always in my head and will always be until I die. My sweet Marley lived exactly 1 week more and then passed away on July 11, 2004- despite extreme attempts by the clinic staff. My only chance of happiness died with those two precious lives, as I cannot get rid of the guilt that I carry because I am the one that sprayed them with that poison. I had always been so protective of them for their entire lives. I had never, ever heard how horrible Hartz products were! I had never used them. It only takes 1 time! I tell everyone that I come into contact with of the danger of Hartz products. I want every store that carries Hartz products to stop immediately! Even Petsmart and Petco sell Hartz!! We have to stop Hartz from murdering our family members for profit! Please send me any info on petitions, pickets, lawsuits, etc. in Texas that anyone knows about. I won’t rest until Hartz is gone- just like my babies are!

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