Gerry Jaworski

We need to do a class action lawsuit and now. My cat is allergic to fleas, but he hates the medication. Well, feeling bad for him I thought I will get the flea medication and sneak it on his back, at least some of it. I grabbed the one Bio-spot and put on a small amount before he freaked out on me. A few hours later he is acting all weird. Cannot jump up even on a low sofa table, he tended to keep tightening his muscles and making odd facial expressions. Only thing I could think of was he was either poisioned or the flea medication. I went back to the container to find that it was for Dogs. Yes my fault, however, the picture of the cat with the line going across meant to mean No Cats, I couldn’t even see it! It was the size of this —–> O Now seriously, if it will kill a cat then it should be alot bigger than that! A pea you eat was larger then this. He went to the emergency clinic, a mere $275 to be taken the next day to my vet, where he is now. This is wrong. If I would have seen the stupid ass logo then I would have never used it, but even the dont’ use on cats was in a font no bigger than 4. I am not blind, but come on you cannot even see it. I am starting a suit from this and I will get my money back or go to court. So good luck all, wish Scuttle good luck!

By the way you only need one successful lawsuit for the courts to follow with the same ruling, so if anyone knows of cases that were made and won let me know it will shorten up the work load of looking.

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