Zeke vs Hartz UltraGuard plus Drops for Cats

Two days ago I noticed my cat Zeke was itching quite a bit and realized that we had not medicated him in a while for fleas. So I grabbed the bag with all our pet medications and looked for the flea drops. The brand we usually use had run out in his last treatment but the wife had picked up Hartz UltraGuard plus: Drops for Cats. You know I thought oh they’re a big well known company it should be alright. Well I read the directions and applied it as specified (back of the neck at the base of the skull) well he ofcourse was pretty upset but cats do get that way when they’re wet for any reason.

I thought nothing more of it for a day or so. Anyways I did not see him for a whole day and a half after that and when I finally did see him he let out a sorta sickly week meow and I noticed he had some blood discharge from his nose… this freaked me out but 2 months b4 that he had a bad sinus infection so I thought maybe he was relapsing so I gave him some saline solution drops in the nose to help flush his nostrils out but there was still something out of place… at times he was acting somewhat like he could not see or was drunk… this got me worrying so I checked online and found that hartz has the tendency to really mess cats up… This freaked me out so I did one of the things I read to do imediately… I washed him off to get the gunk off him. This however seemed not to help much but there was nothing I could do since we do not have an emergency vet clinic around where we live. So I said we’d watch him for a couple days and make sure he’s all right… sure enough I get up this morning and there he is at my feet he rubs up against my leg so I think nothing more about it… 20 minutes later I see him walk by he was twitching uncontrolably and walking around aimlessly… Then 10 minutes after that he starts getting really bad tremors but continued to walk aimlessly but ocasionally falling or running into things. So I grab a nice thick large towel (he’s a big cat wieghing in at about 12 pounds but he’s a healthy weight for his size) and I put it over him and gently eased him to a lying possition… he did not have the strength to get back up and for the next 30 minutes he lied there on the floor wraped in the towel until I finally managed to get in touch with a vet. I told the nurse the symptoms he was having and that I medicated him 2 days b4 with Hartz UltraGuard plus… she talked to the vet quickly and informed me to get him there asap. I got him there in the next half hour… he has been there for about 2 hours now and I am hoping they will call me soon.

I did some more research on that product and a couple of places say that the “Other Ingrediants” that compose 56% of the product contains some chemical commonly used in dog flea medication but is very very toxic to cats. You would think that hartz would have a heart when it came to your animals since they are the lifeblood of their business… however it seems Hartz just wants money… I wonder if they also run a pet breedery which would explain why they want peoples pets to die… they’d get money for people buying new ones.

All I know is that I am very worried about my cat. it was frightening to find him that way this morning. If he pulls through I will never buy another hartz product again and will warn everyone I know to do the same. If he dies I still am not sure what I will do.


WARNING! THIS IS GROSS! My maltese is 10 years old. I have always used Frontline but for financial reasons, tried the Hartz assuming they are a reputable company. Everyone’s heard of them right? I applied the flea product to my dog as stated. I left on a cruise with my family the next day and did not see the results until 5 days later. I had no contact with my mother who was watching him due to no cell phone signal. When I got home, he had a lump on his back where it was applied about 3/4″ high off his back. It was black and flaky and disgusting. I didnt know if it was an infection or burned. I called the vet immediately and took him there only to learn that Hartz products are known to be toxic to dogs and cats and this is not unusual. My poor dog had to be shaven, all the way down through his top layer of skin. Now he has a patch about 3″ wide shaven with a gooey bloody gauge in his skin that needs ointment applied twice daily and antiobiotics orally. He is in pain and it also itches. I am appauled they are selling these products and getting away with it! I am very much interested in a class action lawsuit as well. My email address is [email protected] if anyone has information. They need to be stopped. It looks like there are enough of us little dogs to attack the big one! Poor pets. Just horrible!

(1)Try a test patch first, and (2)Hartz flea on dog

I do not recommend using Hartz flea treatment of any kind. After reading these horrific stories, I suggest, with any chemical product you put on your pet, even if it comes from a vet, that you first try a test patch first. As women who use hair coloring know, the instructions read to first mix it up and dab it on the inside elbow of your arm and leave for a period of time. If there is any reaction, don’t use. If Hartz had this on their instructions, I believe many of these pets that had severe reactions within 12 hours may have been saved. Please don’t use any product on your pet without testing it first, put it on when you will be around your pet all day, put it where it can’t be licked off, look for a reaction periodically, even if you have used it before on the same pet. If there is a reaction, shampoo off immediately with regular dog/cat shampoo (without anti-flea product) or dawn detergent.

This is my experience with Hartz flea drops for dogs:

On Saturday, August 19, my husband told me he had seen fleas on our 25 pound cocker spaniel, and had applied flea drops. I asked him what kind of drops, and he told me Hartz (product he purchased because they were cheap). I was a bit upset, because Hartz was not recommended by our vet, and the Frontline package was in the same drawer next to the Hartz. It meant I would have to wash our pet, and wait several days before applying the Frontline, which I have had to do before. I was mad at myself for not throwing away the Hartz. I was extremely busy that weekend, and was too tired to give her a bath. We only have a flea problem in the fall.

The only odd thing I noticed during the week was that she did not want to go for our evening walks, something she always looks forward to. I work during the day and did not notice anything else unusual. The following Saturday when I awoke, she did not follow me to the kitchen. When she finally did get up, I fed her canned dog food, and she merely looked at it and went to the door. I took her outside, she did her business and laid down in the grass under a tree. I decided to leave her there for the time being, and put her on a long leash. I returned to inside the house, expecting her to immediately start barking to be let in. I kept checking on her, but she remained motionless in the grass. I finally brought her back inside the house.

She still had no interest in eating or drinking. I was concerned the new can of food that I opened and gave her the night before was tainted, and called the dog food company. She eventually finished that particular can days later with no ill effects when I became convinced she did not have the symptoms of bad food.

She was unable to jump up onto our bed, and I had to lift her up. I laid down too, and noticed she was trembling so hard the entire bed was shaking. She rolled over on her back. I began to stroke her tummy when I realized I could feel her heartbeat, which I had never really noticed before. It seemed to be pounding as though she had high blood pressure, and seemed to have an irregular beat. She was lethargic all day Saturday, and did not follow me around as usual. She seemed overly sensitive, she didn’t seem to want to be touched. She kept licking her tongue out, and I kept offering her water but she would not drink at all. I held her in my arms briefly, and she seemed very hot, so I put her down and she went and sat in front of a big window fan that sat running on the floor. She did not vomit or have diarrhea that I ever saw.

I called the vet at 7 pm to inquire whether the flea drops could be making her sick, or whether it was something she ate. She thought perhaps it was gastrointestinal, and that the flea drops usually cause a reaction within 12 hours. Still, with no vomiting or diarrhea, I had my doubts. She was up to date on all her vaccinations.

I began to search the internet and came across this site, and was horrified by all the stories. I immediately put her in the bathtub, sick as she was, and scrubbed her with Dawn detergent. Usually she tries to escape, but she just stood there and let me bathe her.

She was still trembling intermittently the following day, Sunday, but she was better. Later that evening, she finally began to eat dry food from her dish, and drink water. At the time I was cooking boiled chicken and rice, two things that the vet said would be good for her and may entice her to eat.

She seems back to normal now, although I do notice she seems to have slight trouble with her hind legs still. She stumbled when going up three steps from the street to a sidewalk, and she seems to walk a little different viewed from behind?perhaps her joints are stiff. She still refuses to go for walks, so I think she must still be hurting.

I looked at the site on her back where the flea drops had been applied, and there is no hair missing, no redness, but even though she didn’t have a severe reaction as many of the letters indicate, I believe she did have a reaction that took time to build up as the chemical soaked into her body over the week.

Many people will say, well my dog/cat didn’t have a reaction with Hartz, so it’s ok for me to use. But, just because your pet did not have a severe reaction, or any reaction you noticed, it does not mean there will not be any long-term effects of having this chemical in the body, even for a relatively short period of time. Your pet can’t tell you how it hurts, and it may show up as a disease or organ failure, and you will never know for sure what caused it.

Poor MochaWe recently adopted a stray kitten who was left outside of our house.

We recently adopted a 6 year old cat, who is the size of a kitten, who was left outside of our house. We took her in and did the vet check-ups and etc. She still had some fleas, that we didn’t want our other cats to catch, so we bought some medicine from Hartz to put on her. We put the medicine on and about an hour after she started shaking and her eyes were twitching. I ran up to my room and quickly did a Google search and found that his hartz product poisons pets that are treated with it. She isn’t doing very good right now and I don’t know if she will make it throught the night. 🙁 I think we should sue…

Kitty acted weird and got sick

I got a hartz flea collar because my cat got dandruff after using one of the drops. Not sure if it was related, but I thought I’d give the collar a try since she only showed evidence of 1-2 fleas. After I put it on, she didn’t like it, but I attributed that to her not liking wearing a collar. She started sleeping more, becoming more and more lethargic, even sleeping in unusual places. This is only after less than two days. Her playfullness decreased and she wouldn’t even sleep next to me in bed as she usually does. Maybe this is all coincidence and she’s just being moody (she IS a moody cat), but I feel otherwise. She just seemed different to me and I wondered if she was sick. So I went online and found your website and other sites warning against flea collars in general and hartz in particular. I “bathed” her and she’s now cleaning herself, seeming better already. I’m just glad I only briefly used the collar before doing research. Thanks for the site and awareness.
tyler (and his thankful calico cat, Pandora)

Looking for Hartz Victims (for legal matters)! Here’s my story.

Bubby was my 12 year old orange tiger cat that I had since I was a little girl. I am a veterinary technology student and my animals are like my children. A few weeks ago we noticed that Bubby had fleas (even though my mom was religious about using the Hartz flea and tick treatment). My mom removed all of our animals from the house and used a flea bomb treatment. When is was safe to bring the animals back inside, my mom did. Next, my mom decided to use the Hartz Flea Spray on Bubby because it was evident that she was miserable with all of her fleas. Ofcourse, right after she was sprayed, she bathed herself.

Within a couple hours we had to rush Bubby to the office that I work at for labored breathing. They gave her lasix and prednisone and she was a little bit better. I waited two days and noticed she just wasn’t herself still. She was barely eating anything. I took her back to work and had blood work done. Her kidneys were hardly functioning! My vet recommended lots of water and we gave her an IV. She improved for only a day and from there she just went down hill. She wouldn’t eat and kept getting skinnier and skinnier. Yesterday, September 3, 2006 Bubby died on her way to the vets office. She was so weak she couldn’t stand and struggled to breath with her tongue hanging out. Now she’s in heaven and all I’ve learned is an important lesson. I have promised myself that I will do something about this!

My boyfriend is a defense attorney out of Providence, RI. I am looking for other Hartz victims and their stories to get a class action. You have a class action to take Hartz to court. My mission is to get at least 100 stories, 100 other victims like my cat was. I would like the money that Hartz is sued for to go to the United States Humane Society and toward advertising how deadly these products are. They NEED to come off the market completely. The only way we can do this is if we take the pain of our losses and put that energy towards removing Hartz all together. Please email me your story along with veterinary documentation (if you have it). I will be in touch through this whole process and I hope that together we can change things!

Best Regards,
Susan Davis
[email protected]

Bill and Kim

we posted previous that after using hartz on our kitten he became lethargic, lost control of bladder and motor functions and was in general pretty bad shape,

we thought he was gunna pull through, but he died this morning 🙁

thanks hartz for ruining my day

i will see you in court

Seizures & Vomitting

Our cat was fine until we use a Hartz Flea collar on her then she had twitching similar to seizures. She would often twitch and we removed the collar within 24 hours of noticing the effects. She had mini-seizures ever since and would vomit food several timex weekly and then sometimes daily. Finally we had to have her put to sleep, she never recovered from what we believe to be the toxic repercussions of using the Hartz flea collar. It’s disgusting this company is even in business.

Hartz UltraGuard Plus Drops for Cats

My husband put this Hartz ultraguard plus drops for cats on our kitten. He was 16 weeks old which was old enough. A week later, he could not move. He lost all control of his nervous system. We took him to the vet and the receptionist immediately knew that it was Hartz flea drops. We took him into the vet and he said that same thing. He had to give him an injection of a sediative and an antibiotic. After about a day and a half, he could move again. These drops will kill your pet!!! Do not use it!!!

Advantage monthly flea treatment

I had 2 cats that I treated with Advantage monthly flea treatment. The day after using it they never came back home. I thought they had either run away or worse, got attacked by fox.
! year later, we got 2 new coon cats. (wouldn’t take a chance against fox anymore) I continued to use the advantage, as the vet recommended it and it seemed to work well. When Fred was 9 months old, I treated him and the very next day he dissappeared. it was the middle of summer (he was a big cat) and very little risk of fox. At this point I started to suspect the flea treatment. I called the vet and they said that so long as I was putting it on their skin a the base of their neck, it shouldn’t hurt them. I treated George exactly as directed by the vet. Sure enough, the very next day (I wouldn’t let him out of the house just to be on the safe side) I found George dead under the bed, I brought him to the vet. At this point they did tell me that this is fairly common and the cat probably died from a side affect of the Advantage Flea treatment. We did not do a toxicology due to the cost, but I am convinced the Advantage killed all 4 of my cats. Needless to say, my new cat is strictly indoors, and I use vacuuming and flea combs to control pests. I also use a different vet.