Hartz doesn’t care

For privacy reasons, I can?t say how I know, but I know that Hartz is only interested in the bottom line. They have had so many lay-offs in the last few years to make their profit margin look good. Rumor has it that they?re trimming down because they?re being put on the auction block again. It?s gotten so bad that there is work not getting done, or not getting done efficiently, because they have cut so many people. Management seems to have gone downhill, too. They don?t treat their employees like people. Employees that are left are overworked and disgusted. Hartz employees know better than to use Hartz products. They see letters from consumers. Hamsters decapitated by defective habitrails, and so many cats and kittens suffering and dying. And so many veterinarians refuse to use Hartz products. Hartz has redesigned some of the packaging to boost sales. They?d be better off redesigning the products to be safe. Hartz products are not permitted in my house.

Sick Dog & Info on Pesticide Poisoning

My dog had the Hartz 7 mo. collar on a few days and began to show symptoms of poisoning – slow movement, sleeping a lot, refusing to eat, and finally vomitting up what looked like blood. I did a little research on the internet that indicates it may not be only Hartz, but rather the form of pesticide in the Hartz products (as well as others). For those who want to avoid this with their pets (again) or with a new pet if they’ve lost theres, here is some information I found online: http://www.nrdc.org/health/effects/pets/execsum.asp

lost yorkie from use of collar

my 5 month old yorkie was very healthy until i used a collar [longlife 90 day]the collar was rough to the touch,but i figured maybe the machine roughed it up.within less than a week she died.we went to bed she was ok,the next morning she was dead.they should put out special warnings.

my cat went bald after putting a hartz flea collar on

i put a hartz flea collar on my cat baby and she started going bald and grooming too much she also had small spots covering most of her body which where swore i took her to the vets and they said she was allegic to fleas i thought this was strange as she had never had a problem for 2years when i got her home i took the collar off and she has now started to grow her hair back

My Poor Alesie

I wrote here on August 18th about my 3 cats getting sick from the Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick drops. After several baths with Dawn dish soap to remove the crap, and keep the damn fleas under control, Im happy to say that 2 of the cats have survived and are almost normal again. But my white cat, Alien, never seemed to fully recover. He died on Friday September 8. I never took him to the vet because I suspected he would be ok, it was just taking a little longer for him. After weeks of being lethargic, that day he just started taking seizures and died about 45 minutes later. I will never forget his last yowling cry before the light went from his eyes. Do I feel guilty?? Yes…for not taking him to the vet, but financially was unable to. I feel more angry than anything at Hartz that this could happen. Im goddamn tired of hearing about these stories of the same things over and over while those bastards keep raking in the profits. What are they going to say, that its all a huge coincidence??? I think not.

I miss my buddy who was always there, now is not. My heart is breaking and Hartz would not care, or would deny responsibility for any of this. These poor animals who are members of our family and loved as such should not be subjected to their greed. I will fully participate in any class action lawsuits against this company

They Poisoned my Baby Maltese

My brand new puppy Laralie just turned 3 months old, and had gotten some fleas because we just moved into a new house with a back yard. I put the Flea and tick drops for PUPPIES on her little back
She seemed fine until 3 days later when i went to wake her up and she was stiff. She was not dead but she had throwed up and pee-peeed in the same spot she was laying. I rushed her out the door and to the vet . She recieved iv’s and many shots fallowed by an overnight stay in the hospital. The Doc. determined that she had been POISONED by the flea drops and could have died. He had actually had a puppy in there the week before and he had died from the same crap I had put on LARALIE!!! He said NEVER use HARTZ OR STURGENS flea anything because they POISON PUPPIES, DOGS AND CATS. Laralie is my BABY and if anything happends to her i will loose it . She was ( before her poisoning) a very healthy puppy, i paid 1400 dollars for her because i knew she had been taken care of and was healthy. If ( god forbid) something happends for her HARTZ is going to have a law suit on their hands. No other puupy will be hurt , or should be hurt by this horrid company. Even though they promised to pay her doc bills, they said it was my fault. The vet disagrees. I fallowed the directions perfectly i actually did not put the whole tub on her. It said in the directions to do so , but i thought it looked like it was too much . i am outraged , i am hurt and i am willing to fight for my little girl that was so horriabinly hurt . I will not be stoped or will i give up . Laralie is still in the hospital , i will update my story at a later date.
If anyone wishes to contact me my e mail add is [email protected]

Inside Hartz

For privacy reasons, I can’t say how I know what I know, but I know that the stories told on this site are by no means an exageration. Each and every story is an horrific series of true events, and I want to say I’m sorry to each and every one who has had this tragic and horrible experience with the Hartz products and to each Hartz consumer who was lied to by the company, and you were all lied to. Hartz knows exactly whats going on with their products, ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS. Hartz puts products out on the market without proper testing. They even lie to their employees about whats going on. Toys that fall apart and choke beloved pets, some have had to have surgery and long periods of recovery. They don’t care. Animals that have been severely burned, hospitalized for days with twitching, convulsions, or worse. They (Hartz) laugh and make jokes about the stories they hear within the company about animals that have suffered at their hands. They find a way to blame the consumers for what happenned to their pet, and tell each other how stupid the consumers are. They (Hartz) are never at fault. They hurry to get their products on the shelves to make their profit, without sufficient testing, which is fine if you weren’t dealing with insecticides, but they are. These products are tested on a handful of cats and dogs and whatever reactions they have, they cover it up in order to sell it. They lie to consumers, and they lie to the EPA. All the reactions are toned down by the time they are reported to the EPA, which is why its better to report directly to the EPA and tell them what happenned with your pet. Believe me, talking to Hartz is a waste of time. Consumers are never taken seriously, no matter what they tell you. To them its just another story. Their own employees won’t use the products on their pets, no matter what they tell you. They use Frontline on their pets, or some other vet product. Take it from someone who knows, STAY AWAY FROM ALL HARTZ PRODUCTS!!!

Dog & Cat Skin Disorders with Hartz in common

We lost our Border to convulsions but can’t remember if he was treated with a Hartz or any other flea product just prior.

Weird stuff happening here now though, and you all may have helped pin down a very suspect possibility. Sunny, an 8-yr old Golden and her partner Dahlia, a 8-yr old cat both share the same flaky crap on their backs, extending down the flanks, back by the tail. The Vet has not really been challenged with these two at the same time, nor did we think to call BS on the Hartz issues.

Funny that Sunny almost croaked and actually threw up bile and crapped runny blood, and about the same time, Dahlia started convusions and had to be rushed in.

Sunny’s thyroid was suspected as an issue because it was low, but not all of the symptoms we had were expected in the diagnosis.

Dahlia’s blood sugar was suspected as her issue, and was on diabetic treatment for quite a while until she started producing her own insulin again…

This site has made me go to our cabinet, and what a coincidence. The Hartz Advantage for both is there. Won’t be in a few minutes. Maybe if we’re lucky, we can wash the living daylights out of both, get some normal skin conditions going, and simply include them in our dishwashing duties instead.

I’ll challenge the vet to work up anything he can determine, and post again if anything significant shows up.

bye edie

Okay, so I had 2 cats, their names Edie (pronounced e.d.) and Squeakers. From the time Edie was born, she had an awesome personality that I loved and we bonded instantly. Their mother had fleas, so, of course, i started giving the mother baths (not hartz) to get rid of them, and picked the fleas off of the kittens. I found that I was loosing the battle, and when they where of age, I decided to step up the pace and use some type of flea medication to get rid of them. This, along with the combination of a once a week bath, seemed to be working fairly well. But, as of this tuesday, my husband and I where playing with both of them when Edie just froze up. I thought that she was choking on something, so we tried to look to see if there was anything in her throat, but nothing. She ended up dying in front of me, the baby that I had spent 4 months loving and training, to dye right in front of me. Now i tell everyone that has animals not to use hartz.

My perfect kitten died

There is no way for anyone to fix what has happened in our home over the last 24 hours. I made the fatal mistake of buying a HARTZ flea/tick spray to treat my kitten-being uninformed of the possible effects-and now less than a day later she’s gone. I feel like the biggest idiot in the world for having used this product that killed my kitten., she was the perfect new companion for my dog who has been sadly searching the house since we brought Molly to the vet. We didn’t have her a lifetime, but this feels like a lifetime of grief. No one should ever have to endure the pain and the feelings of blame for trying to take good care of their pet/family member….heartbroken… HARTZ MUST GO !!!!