Hartz product calamities

I’ve had nothing but rotten results from hartz. The consequences seem to be a crapshoot— at one time I had two cats, both full grown, mother and son. The hartz flea drops had no effect… not even getting rid of the fleas. At a later date I tried Hartz flea collars. One cat it had no effect on…. but the other had her entire neck go bald and break out in a nasty rash, just like you show in that picture on the front page! Since that time I’ve had vets warn me off of anything from Hartz….
The real kicker is that I just got back from the vet. My poor cat had a blockage and had to have surgery. The vets pulled out a matted lump of what looked like bits of straw, and green hair…. green hair I identified as coming from a rabbit-fur toy mouse I’d bought for him the day before he’d become sick.

Brand name? Hartz “kitty frenzy” cat toys…..

I’m going to be going back to wal mart and seeing if I can get compensation. And I will NOT buy or use anything Hartz from now on!

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