My Maggie

I am soo freaked out right now hearing everyones stories. I normally buy frontline fleas drops on my calico. “Maggie” never had a problem. Then a few months ago I bought Hartz drops. I used that and couldn’t figure out why she would sleep so much and she would also be really clingy,I had to carry her everywhere and when she would walk, she would shake her head and bump into things, the first time it happened I never thought of it being from the drops, it only lasted two days and she was fine. THis last time it happened and she was sick for 4 days, thats when I got on line to find out what the heck was going on. I came across a web site that states one of the chemicals in the hartz drops is for dogs only and cause toxicity in cats. I can’t understand why the law hasn’t stepped in and removed these products from the shelf. I am so thankful my baby is OK. My heart goes out to all that lost a member of their family because of the greed of Hartz

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