Malphy’s Death should not be in Vain!!!!!

Over labor day weekend, I noticed a flea on my puppy’s face. So I went to the pet store and purchased Frontline Plus topical flea control for dogs. Since my dog Gucci comes in contact with my 2 cats I asked the sales lady if she would grab 2 flea collars for my cats. She did we paid our bill and home we went. My daughter placed the collars on the cats as I put the flea meds on our dog. After approx. 6 hours the cats started acting strange, less active, and slept a lot. The next day I noticed the cats did not eat their food but I did see them drinking water. After 48 hours they were extremely lethargic and always laying on the tile in the bathroom. I took the collars off and thought they would return to normal. The next day they seemed a little better. But by Sunday they kept salivating, had a discharge from their eyes, and my males gait was very uncoordinated. I called the Animal 911 Hospital and they said it was probably just an upper respiratory infection and not urgent but should bring them to my normal vet in the morning for a look over. I did and my vet said they were having a toxic reaction to their flea collars. He had a similar reaction, by a dog, to his flea drops. My vet gave them IV Fluids, a steroid shot and antibiotic shot to prevent a secondary infection. I worked Oncology for many years and have seen a lot of things but to see the mouth ulcers and smell the stench coming from their mouths, the laymen would have passed out. They came home for 2 days and they dehydrated again and ran temps. Back to the vet on Thursday, IV fluids for my girl but my male was mouth breathing and in severe respiratory distress. I new the prognosis was poor when we received his labs. Elevated liver enzymes, anemic, low white count. They had to put him in the incubator on IV fluids and lasix. Bearra came home and seemed just ok.
Early the next morning the phone rang. It was my vet, “I am sorry but Malphy did not make it through the night”, he was dead. My beautiful sweet boy was gone. How can this be, I heard these types of collars usually don’t work great on fleas. I thought the low price indicated that they were not very strong. I was so wrong and my cats are now paying the price!!!!
Bearra has been in an out of the hospital. Today she went back in and received lasix and an acid reducing shot since her breathing is so poor.
She continues to struggle with her breathing, but everyone says time will tell, she(Bearra) just has to be strong and keep fighting. All the vets say we can only support her at this point and hope her body returns to normal. I am still feeding and giving her water by syringe. Her temp hovers at 105 degrees. I put her on and off a cooling blanket(water bottle) to lower her temp.
All of this has made me sooo angry. My cats almost made it to their 12th birhday without a scratch, but the pesticides have taken one from me and left the other clinging for life. Oh and by the way, it is not just Hartz that is causing heartache, this was caused by Zodiac Flea collars(Carbyl)!!!! Can someone please help me to stop them or at least tell me how to set up a sight like this one for ZodiacVictims. Please email me at [email protected]

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