Hartz flea shampoo on my persian cat

I used Hartz flea shampoo on my persian cat 2 days ago. Afterward she disappeared for a day. We figured the bath scared her. Last night around midnight,we found her behind the couch. She cried out a couple of times and my husband got her out and set her down. As she was walking,she was swaying as if she was drunk. She actually fell over onto her side. Obviously,we knew this wasn’t normal. It was so late we didn’t know what to do. We figured she would be ok til the next day. The next morning my husband looked for her and couldn’t find her. The litter box is in the basement,so there is alot of places to hide. He didn’t end up finding her until the afternoon,and when he did she was dead. I started thinking that maybe it had something to do with the flea shampoo,since it happened right afterward. I started doing research on the computer and found this website. I was shocked. I can’t believe they can sell a product known to hurt and even kill animals. We thought we were helping her by getting rid of her fleas,and it turns out we were killing her. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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