Hartz doesn’t care

For privacy reasons, I can?t say how I know, but I know that Hartz is only interested in the bottom line. They have had so many lay-offs in the last few years to make their profit margin look good. Rumor has it that they?re trimming down because they?re being put on the auction block again. It?s gotten so bad that there is work not getting done, or not getting done efficiently, because they have cut so many people. Management seems to have gone downhill, too. They don?t treat their employees like people. Employees that are left are overworked and disgusted. Hartz employees know better than to use Hartz products. They see letters from consumers. Hamsters decapitated by defective habitrails, and so many cats and kittens suffering and dying. And so many veterinarians refuse to use Hartz products. Hartz has redesigned some of the packaging to boost sales. They?d be better off redesigning the products to be safe. Hartz products are not permitted in my house.

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