Zeke vs Hartz UltraGuard plus Drops for Cats

Two days ago I noticed my cat Zeke was itching quite a bit and realized that we had not medicated him in a while for fleas. So I grabbed the bag with all our pet medications and looked for the flea drops. The brand we usually use had run out in his last treatment but the wife had picked up Hartz UltraGuard plus: Drops for Cats. You know I thought oh they’re a big well known company it should be alright. Well I read the directions and applied it as specified (back of the neck at the base of the skull) well he ofcourse was pretty upset but cats do get that way when they’re wet for any reason.

I thought nothing more of it for a day or so. Anyways I did not see him for a whole day and a half after that and when I finally did see him he let out a sorta sickly week meow and I noticed he had some blood discharge from his nose… this freaked me out but 2 months b4 that he had a bad sinus infection so I thought maybe he was relapsing so I gave him some saline solution drops in the nose to help flush his nostrils out but there was still something out of place… at times he was acting somewhat like he could not see or was drunk… this got me worrying so I checked online and found that hartz has the tendency to really mess cats up… This freaked me out so I did one of the things I read to do imediately… I washed him off to get the gunk off him. This however seemed not to help much but there was nothing I could do since we do not have an emergency vet clinic around where we live. So I said we’d watch him for a couple days and make sure he’s all right… sure enough I get up this morning and there he is at my feet he rubs up against my leg so I think nothing more about it… 20 minutes later I see him walk by he was twitching uncontrolably and walking around aimlessly… Then 10 minutes after that he starts getting really bad tremors but continued to walk aimlessly but ocasionally falling or running into things. So I grab a nice thick large towel (he’s a big cat wieghing in at about 12 pounds but he’s a healthy weight for his size) and I put it over him and gently eased him to a lying possition… he did not have the strength to get back up and for the next 30 minutes he lied there on the floor wraped in the towel until I finally managed to get in touch with a vet. I told the nurse the symptoms he was having and that I medicated him 2 days b4 with Hartz UltraGuard plus… she talked to the vet quickly and informed me to get him there asap. I got him there in the next half hour… he has been there for about 2 hours now and I am hoping they will call me soon.

I did some more research on that product and a couple of places say that the “Other Ingrediants” that compose 56% of the product contains some chemical commonly used in dog flea medication but is very very toxic to cats. You would think that hartz would have a heart when it came to your animals since they are the lifeblood of their business… however it seems Hartz just wants money… I wonder if they also run a pet breedery which would explain why they want peoples pets to die… they’d get money for people buying new ones.

All I know is that I am very worried about my cat. it was frightening to find him that way this morning. If he pulls through I will never buy another hartz product again and will warn everyone I know to do the same. If he dies I still am not sure what I will do.

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