They Poisoned my Baby Maltese

My brand new puppy Laralie just turned 3 months old, and had gotten some fleas because we just moved into a new house with a back yard. I put the Flea and tick drops for PUPPIES on her little back
She seemed fine until 3 days later when i went to wake her up and she was stiff. She was not dead but she had throwed up and pee-peeed in the same spot she was laying. I rushed her out the door and to the vet . She recieved iv’s and many shots fallowed by an overnight stay in the hospital. The Doc. determined that she had been POISONED by the flea drops and could have died. He had actually had a puppy in there the week before and he had died from the same crap I had put on LARALIE!!! He said NEVER use HARTZ OR STURGENS flea anything because they POISON PUPPIES, DOGS AND CATS. Laralie is my BABY and if anything happends to her i will loose it . She was ( before her poisoning) a very healthy puppy, i paid 1400 dollars for her because i knew she had been taken care of and was healthy. If ( god forbid) something happends for her HARTZ is going to have a law suit on their hands. No other puupy will be hurt , or should be hurt by this horrid company. Even though they promised to pay her doc bills, they said it was my fault. The vet disagrees. I fallowed the directions perfectly i actually did not put the whole tub on her. It said in the directions to do so , but i thought it looked like it was too much . i am outraged , i am hurt and i am willing to fight for my little girl that was so horriabinly hurt . I will not be stoped or will i give up . Laralie is still in the hospital , i will update my story at a later date.
If anyone wishes to contact me my e mail add is [email protected]

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