My Poor Alesie

I wrote here on August 18th about my 3 cats getting sick from the Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick drops. After several baths with Dawn dish soap to remove the crap, and keep the damn fleas under control, Im happy to say that 2 of the cats have survived and are almost normal again. But my white cat, Alien, never seemed to fully recover. He died on Friday September 8. I never took him to the vet because I suspected he would be ok, it was just taking a little longer for him. After weeks of being lethargic, that day he just started taking seizures and died about 45 minutes later. I will never forget his last yowling cry before the light went from his eyes. Do I feel guilty?? Yes…for not taking him to the vet, but financially was unable to. I feel more angry than anything at Hartz that this could happen. Im goddamn tired of hearing about these stories of the same things over and over while those bastards keep raking in the profits. What are they going to say, that its all a huge coincidence??? I think not.

I miss my buddy who was always there, now is not. My heart is breaking and Hartz would not care, or would deny responsibility for any of this. These poor animals who are members of our family and loved as such should not be subjected to their greed. I will fully participate in any class action lawsuits against this company

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