Inside Hartz

For privacy reasons, I can’t say how I know what I know, but I know that the stories told on this site are by no means an exageration. Each and every story is an horrific series of true events, and I want to say I’m sorry to each and every one who has had this tragic and horrible experience with the Hartz products and to each Hartz consumer who was lied to by the company, and you were all lied to. Hartz knows exactly whats going on with their products, ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS. Hartz puts products out on the market without proper testing. They even lie to their employees about whats going on. Toys that fall apart and choke beloved pets, some have had to have surgery and long periods of recovery. They don’t care. Animals that have been severely burned, hospitalized for days with twitching, convulsions, or worse. They (Hartz) laugh and make jokes about the stories they hear within the company about animals that have suffered at their hands. They find a way to blame the consumers for what happenned to their pet, and tell each other how stupid the consumers are. They (Hartz) are never at fault. They hurry to get their products on the shelves to make their profit, without sufficient testing, which is fine if you weren’t dealing with insecticides, but they are. These products are tested on a handful of cats and dogs and whatever reactions they have, they cover it up in order to sell it. They lie to consumers, and they lie to the EPA. All the reactions are toned down by the time they are reported to the EPA, which is why its better to report directly to the EPA and tell them what happenned with your pet. Believe me, talking to Hartz is a waste of time. Consumers are never taken seriously, no matter what they tell you. To them its just another story. Their own employees won’t use the products on their pets, no matter what they tell you. They use Frontline on their pets, or some other vet product. Take it from someone who knows, STAY AWAY FROM ALL HARTZ PRODUCTS!!!

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