Dog & Cat Skin Disorders with Hartz in common

We lost our Border to convulsions but can’t remember if he was treated with a Hartz or any other flea product just prior.

Weird stuff happening here now though, and you all may have helped pin down a very suspect possibility. Sunny, an 8-yr old Golden and her partner Dahlia, a 8-yr old cat both share the same flaky crap on their backs, extending down the flanks, back by the tail. The Vet has not really been challenged with these two at the same time, nor did we think to call BS on the Hartz issues.

Funny that Sunny almost croaked and actually threw up bile and crapped runny blood, and about the same time, Dahlia started convusions and had to be rushed in.

Sunny’s thyroid was suspected as an issue because it was low, but not all of the symptoms we had were expected in the diagnosis.

Dahlia’s blood sugar was suspected as her issue, and was on diabetic treatment for quite a while until she started producing her own insulin again…

This site has made me go to our cabinet, and what a coincidence. The Hartz Advantage for both is there. Won’t be in a few minutes. Maybe if we’re lucky, we can wash the living daylights out of both, get some normal skin conditions going, and simply include them in our dishwashing duties instead.

I’ll challenge the vet to work up anything he can determine, and post again if anything significant shows up.

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