bye edie

Okay, so I had 2 cats, their names Edie (pronounced e.d.) and Squeakers. From the time Edie was born, she had an awesome personality that I loved and we bonded instantly. Their mother had fleas, so, of course, i started giving the mother baths (not hartz) to get rid of them, and picked the fleas off of the kittens. I found that I was loosing the battle, and when they where of age, I decided to step up the pace and use some type of flea medication to get rid of them. This, along with the combination of a once a week bath, seemed to be working fairly well. But, as of this tuesday, my husband and I where playing with both of them when Edie just froze up. I thought that she was choking on something, so we tried to look to see if there was anything in her throat, but nothing. She ended up dying in front of me, the baby that I had spent 4 months loving and training, to dye right in front of me. Now i tell everyone that has animals not to use hartz.

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