Looking for Hartz Victims (for legal matters)! Here’s my story.

Bubby was my 12 year old orange tiger cat that I had since I was a little girl. I am a veterinary technology student and my animals are like my children. A few weeks ago we noticed that Bubby had fleas (even though my mom was religious about using the Hartz flea and tick treatment). My mom removed all of our animals from the house and used a flea bomb treatment. When is was safe to bring the animals back inside, my mom did. Next, my mom decided to use the Hartz Flea Spray on Bubby because it was evident that she was miserable with all of her fleas. Ofcourse, right after she was sprayed, she bathed herself.

Within a couple hours we had to rush Bubby to the office that I work at for labored breathing. They gave her lasix and prednisone and she was a little bit better. I waited two days and noticed she just wasn’t herself still. She was barely eating anything. I took her back to work and had blood work done. Her kidneys were hardly functioning! My vet recommended lots of water and we gave her an IV. She improved for only a day and from there she just went down hill. She wouldn’t eat and kept getting skinnier and skinnier. Yesterday, September 3, 2006 Bubby died on her way to the vets office. She was so weak she couldn’t stand and struggled to breath with her tongue hanging out. Now she’s in heaven and all I’ve learned is an important lesson. I have promised myself that I will do something about this!

My boyfriend is a defense attorney out of Providence, RI. I am looking for other Hartz victims and their stories to get a class action. You have a class action to take Hartz to court. My mission is to get at least 100 stories, 100 other victims like my cat was. I would like the money that Hartz is sued for to go to the United States Humane Society and toward advertising how deadly these products are. They NEED to come off the market completely. The only way we can do this is if we take the pain of our losses and put that energy towards removing Hartz all together. Please email me your story along with veterinary documentation (if you have it). I will be in touch through this whole process and I hope that together we can change things!

Best Regards,
Susan Davis
[email protected]

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