Kitty acted weird and got sick

I got a hartz flea collar because my cat got dandruff after using one of the drops. Not sure if it was related, but I thought I’d give the collar a try since she only showed evidence of 1-2 fleas. After I put it on, she didn’t like it, but I attributed that to her not liking wearing a collar. She started sleeping more, becoming more and more lethargic, even sleeping in unusual places. This is only after less than two days. Her playfullness decreased and she wouldn’t even sleep next to me in bed as she usually does. Maybe this is all coincidence and she’s just being moody (she IS a moody cat), but I feel otherwise. She just seemed different to me and I wondered if she was sick. So I went online and found your website and other sites warning against flea collars in general and hartz in particular. I “bathed” her and she’s now cleaning herself, seeming better already. I’m just glad I only briefly used the collar before doing research. Thanks for the site and awareness.
tyler (and his thankful calico cat, Pandora)

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