Advantage monthly flea treatment

I had 2 cats that I treated with Advantage monthly flea treatment. The day after using it they never came back home. I thought they had either run away or worse, got attacked by fox.
! year later, we got 2 new coon cats. (wouldn’t take a chance against fox anymore) I continued to use the advantage, as the vet recommended it and it seemed to work well. When Fred was 9 months old, I treated him and the very next day he dissappeared. it was the middle of summer (he was a big cat) and very little risk of fox. At this point I started to suspect the flea treatment. I called the vet and they said that so long as I was putting it on their skin a the base of their neck, it shouldn’t hurt them. I treated George exactly as directed by the vet. Sure enough, the very next day (I wouldn’t let him out of the house just to be on the safe side) I found George dead under the bed, I brought him to the vet. At this point they did tell me that this is fairly common and the cat probably died from a side affect of the Advantage Flea treatment. We did not do a toxicology due to the cost, but I am convinced the Advantage killed all 4 of my cats. Needless to say, my new cat is strictly indoors, and I use vacuuming and flea combs to control pests. I also use a different vet.

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