Grassroots campaign to warn animal lovers

I thought of this today, and then was happy to see another pet lover had already thought of it as well.

I will be printing up business cards with this website and some basic warning, and placing them in or between the Hartz products in every store I know that carries their products.

Stickers are easily made as well, and paper stickers are NOTORIOUSLY difficult to get off of cardboard containers or bottles. That makes it harder for stores to take them off and obscure the truth.

It’s obvious that Hartz intends to obfuscate and continue to sell their poisonous products, by the names we know or by other names.

We have to let people know. If Hartz and/or Wal-Mart intend to do nothing, then it is up to us.

Another cat victim

To whom it may concern,
I have a 2 year old male cat named Wilbur. About 1 1/2 weeks ago, I purchased a Hartz cat flea collar. Now he has some type of burns or something from this collar. Exactly the same a TJ on the home page but not as severe. Something has to be done about this. If a lawsuit is needed to stop the selling of these products because the company refuses, then we must do what needs to be done. If anyone knows what legal matters are initiated, please email me at [email protected]
Thank you so much.
Charles Carter


I put that poison flea drop on my 3yr old siamese cat Hemi (hemisphere Dancer) and within hours she began to shake and then went into violent seizures, my vet was able to wash off the flea drops and administer anti seizure meds, she is now fine but she did use one of her 7 lives.


About 2 years ago I placed Hartz flea and tick drops on my cat. My cat was 2 years old. Three hours later my cat was having convulsions to the point he could not be held. He was afraid and clawing my daughter and I. Unfortunately he got away from us. We found him dead the next day. My daughter was devastated. I can’t believe Hartz still has this product on the shelves of stores. Try explaining to your child why a company would keep this on the shelf. It’s wrong. If you know it does this why would you keep distributing it. If it was your child, you(Hartz) would do something then. Some people consider these pets their children. They are all they have in the world.

A co-worker just yesterday purchased this product and put it on her cat. She spent $400.00 at her local vet to save the cats life. Unfortunately I didn’t know she was going to use it or I would have told her not to.

Shame on you Hartz. I will never use your products as long as I live.


I had the unfortuntate experience of talking to Hartz today about a severe reaction my cat had with the Ultra Guard Flea drops. About 4 hours after using the product on my 2 year old, male, domestic shorthair, Luke, he went into seizures and I had to rush poor Luke to my vet. I was appalled at the stories my vet told me about numerous other cases of cats that have had similar problems, some have even died. I was even more appalled at the way Hartz responded to me. Hartz was rude, and completely uncaring about my situation. I suppose with so many problems, they’ve become immuned to these calls. I asked to speak with the manager, and they refused to put me through. Fortunately, Luke survived this horrible ordeal and he will be fine, however, going to a Walmart to buy flea and tick protection for your beloved pet, should not be putting their lives at risk. I will never buy another Hartz product again, and I strongly urge anyone who is reading on this site to do the same. They offered to pay for my vet bills, but I don’t think they should shut us up by trying to pay us off. I could have lost my beloved Luke and no money on earth could replace that loss. Thank god, he pulled through. Hartz believes that we are stupid, and our cats are becoming sick out of our own stupidity. They need to know that we are on to them, and they must stop selling their flea and tick products. Their buck should stop here with us. I don’t understand how they could still be in business, selling these lethal products to innocent consumers, and how could Sumitoma Corporation risk their reputation on such an unethical and immoral company such as Hartz. Shame on them (Sumitomo) for allowing Hartz to continue selling these lethal products. Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustrations and I pray that our voices are heard

Buffalo, NY

New product-Ultra Guard

A few weeks ago I had decided to try the Hartz Ultra Guard for Cats over 5 pounds on my 1 year old domestic short hair cat. Unfortunately, I was not aware of all of the problems Hartz products had caused until it happenned to my cat. I applied the product and within 10 hours my cat began seizing. I immediately took my cat to the vet and it was there I found out of the horrible reactions that thousands of cats had with the Hartz flea drops. I read up on the active ingredient on the Ultra Guard and discovered that it is nothing more than a synthetic pyrethrin ( which is the same type of ingredient that had caused the severe reactions with the use of the Advanced Care flea drops) Hartz could not even explain what the active ingredient in their new product is and it was obvious that they were trying to disguise it. They claimed that it does not cause neurological problems, yet my cat experienced a seizure which is directly related to a neurological problem. I read the label carefully, following the instructions to the letter, my cat met all the criteria set on the label, yet my cat became very ill. Hartz is completely aware of these problems, yet continues to sell these products to innocent consumers trying to claim its our own fault through misuse. There was no misuse here, and talking to their customer service department was a useless effort as they ran around in circles trying to answer my questions. I was transferred 3 times and each representative I spoke with was worse than the one before unable to give me a direct answer to my numerous questions. I felt I was given the complete run around and I gave up. In researching I discovered that Hartz has had problems in the past with Blockade, now disguising it in an Advanced Care flea spray, and they plan to do the same with the flea drops, hiding their already bad rep behind their new parent company, Sumitoma. I urge everyone who reads this message and the many other stories that have been posted, to talk with their stores, and vets to stay away from any Hartz products. To all pet owners, STAY AWAY FROM HARTZ!!!!


my 2 cats died horrible deaths from Hartz dewormer….same as many of the stories i read at this site….i only gave them a fraction of dose because i was not sure about the worms…..they had had loss of weight for no reason and had them checked out with every test (thyroid)…then just gave them a fraction of dosage…..i suffer the guilt of poisoning them….my vet said never use Hartz products….please if you love your pets do not use these products…

Almost One Year

It Has been almost one year since my beloved puppy had to be put to sleep. In reference read 165 pounds and killed from a shampoo from august 2005. I am still greiving the loss of my baby boy bruiser, and still very disapointed that these products still remain. The only thing i can think of to say is to everyone who has lost their pets i am very very sorry you have had to go through this.

There has been one thing to bring me satisfaction over the past year though, everytime i go to the local walmart or wherever they sell hartz still i tell the people looking at the products what it did to my little boy and instantly the look of sadness and disgust rolls down their face, needless to say nothing gets bought. Standing in line one day the woman in front of me was going to purchase hartz flea and tick shampoo. I told her my story and two seconds later there was a very upset store clerk undoing the womans order saying she was not going to use that on her animals. If it saves one animal i will tell my story a million times. nothing will bring back my baby boy but the memories live on. Bruiser i know you are in pet heaven mommy loves you.

In reference to fleas

Many of you have said your animals are infested with fleas. Please do not use Hartz products at all! To get rid of fleas on small puppies or kittens, use dawn dish washing liquid! Make sure the water is not too warm or cold! Yes, it kills them immediately but make sure you dry them completely and if they are very young, place a heating pad under their crates to keep them warm till they are completely dry, about 2 hours. Make sure they do not get too hot though, keep an eye on them while the heating pad is in place. Treat mom with flea medication from the vet only!

Kittens and puppies should never have any flea medications put on them till they are a certain age! Vets can tell this age.