About 5 years ago, I applied some Hartz drops on my dog, Peppermint.
She had an immediate allergic reaction, eyes runny and bloodshot, face
completely swollen, difficulty breathing. She was in great distress. If I had not taken her to a vet, I am convinced she would have died. I sent Hartz the vet bills with a letter, and they refunded me the amount of the vet bill, and assured me this was an uncommon event. Naturally, I never bought another Hartz product, nor any other product that used similar ingredients, but today, upon happening on this site, I am disgusted with the company’s corporate ethics. Let’s keep spreading
the word!

Los Angeles, Ca


Last September I used Hartz Plus Flea Drops on Kitty. She is a two year old healthy cat. By the next morning she couldn’t walk and her skin was “crawling” and she was having seizures. We had to rush her to the Emergency Vet (Sunday) and they had to treat her with Phenobarbitol. She was the fifth cat they had seen that week that had been poisoned by the insecticide in Hartz Flea Drops. It almost killed her. I can’t believe that after all the animals this stuff has killed they are still allowed to sell it. Some of the pictures of these poor animals gives me nightmares and I cringe whenever I think of what my cat went through. I almost killed my own cat because of these greedy, worthless people. I will NEVER, EVER purchase another product from Hartz and tell eveyone that will listen about my experience to save them from the same heartache and hopefully cost Hartz what is near and dear to them……MONEY!

Zodiac On The Spot Poisoned My Cat

I applied it to all 3 of my animals and 2 days later I had my 1 yr old cat at the vets as he was deathly ill. He stopped eating, his temperature dropped he was dehydrated, drooling and needed sub Q. The vet said that is was poisoning from OTC flea drops after ruling out a number of other possible problems.

When I told my vet the brand I used he immediately knew that that was the cause of my cats illness as he said he has seen it before with this brand and a couple of other well known brands, Hatrz included.

My cat is still not doing well at all and I am not sure if he will survive or not.

Please, never buy and pet med OTC without contacting your veterinarian first, it is just not worth taking any chances with your pets health.

Hartz flea product started seizures

About a year ago we purchased the Hartz flea drops (the ones that are applied to the back of the neck) from our local Wal-Mart. A short while after applying the product to our dog he began to have a very long seizure (the first in his life). We rushed him to the vet whom told us that it was the drops that had caused the seizure. He now has two to three seizures a month due to this product and will soon need to be put on medication…

Very sad =(


In response to any legal action to take against Hartz, lawsuits hurt them in their pockets, but it will never stop them from selling their products. If we want to get these products off of the shelves, each and every incident needs to be reported, not just to Hartz (they bury the reports that they they consider to be less severe and go unreported) but also directly to the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) who will investigate any and all reports. The EPA gets enough of these reports, they will force Hartz to stop selling their products, just like they did with the Advanced Care Flea Drops, now masking as the Ultra Guard flea product whose active ingredient will have the same horrible reaction the old product did. It has also came to my attention that Hartz is getting into the veterinary world and is going to try to sell flea and tick products (under the Sumitomo name) to veterinarians. (God help all of our pets if they accomplish that). But legal action, as I said earlier, hurts them financially because they will pay out to shut everyone up, but in the end, will not stop them from hurting, or even killing more of our pets, and that should be our goal. They paid out in the original class action suit, they paid out with Blockade, and they are still here, being allowed to sell these products. Only severe reactions are reported to the EPA by Hartz, the rest are buried. Its best to report to both Hartz and the EPA if we want them stopped.

Hartford, CT

Rid Worm Liquid

I gave my 10week old puppy the hartz rid worm liquid after seeing worms in in stool. He took it on Wednesday night and this morning (which is Friday) he started passing this clear liquid with worms. Ive search the web to see if i cant find out if this is supposed to happen but i havent found any information. I ran into this site and now i am a little concerned. Has anyone used the rid worm liquid on there puppy????

These Stories Are Horrible

I am so sorry for all of you who have had your pet suffer or lost a pet due to Hartz products. I came across this site while searching for Hartz products to control fleas that my Siamese Cat just got when he went to the vet. I was going to go to WalMart in the morning and most likely buy a Hartz product for him, but after reading your stories I am appalled! I can’t believe the horror stories that I just read and my heart goes out to all of you whose beloved pets have fallen victim to these products. I want to thank the owners of this site, because of you my beautiful boy will be saved from a similar fate.

Hartz Flea Drops effect on Precious

I put hartz flea drops on my cat Precious this a.m. , My family and I left to go shopping and returned to our cat that was having severe seizures. I immediatly decided it had been caused by the flea drops. I called the vet and explained what was going on and he told me that this is a frequently occuring event after using the Hartz flea drops. As I type this, Precious is at the vet recieving antiseizure medication along with IV’s. The vet said he would be spending the night with our Precious to monitor her closely.We will all say a prayer for her tonight that she will get over this. I hope that I can spread the word to thousands of other pet owners, so their animals will not have to suffer like these other animals have suffered.

re: Hartz thinks we are stupid

pbot writes:

Message: I called in to Hartz today to complain about their product poisoning my pet. The woman, Mandy who said she was a veteranary nurse, took my name, address and info. Then she asked for my cat’s name. I asked her how she knew the poisoned animal was a cat as I hadn’t told her that. She said that most of the people who call are cat owners. I then asked why the product is still on the market if they’ve gotten so many calls. She then said that there are very few calls, but that the ones they get are usually from cat owners. I told her that both of my vets said that they’ve seen many cases of this poisoning, and that there were thousands of complaints that I’ve seen on line. She said “If you’re talking about the people who write in on Hartzvictims.com (I’m sure she meant org), I’ve spoken with most of them and it turns out that their pet problems weren’t related to Hartz products, rather they were due to the people misusing Hartz products by not reading the instructions or overdosing their animals. I just thought some of the members might like to know how stupid Mandy at Hartz thinks they are. Maybe they’d like to correct her (800) 275-1414.

wow…how exactly do they explain flea collars then? how can you “misuse” a flea collar? these people are insane…

i encourage everyone to call them and tell them that.

3 helpless victims

I had three beautiful healthy dogs. I used the Hartz fle drip on each of them. They are three diffrent breads and have never had any medical isues in the past. The oldest, Farly 11, got a really bad skin problem, and no longer wanted to eat. He passed away from this less then a week ago. My baby, Annie 4, can’t walk any more. The vet said that she has nurological problems and that she may or may not recover. The third, Darla 8, was taken to the emergincy vet clinic last night. They said that she will be lucky to live. And after much discution with the vet, she informed us that Hartz can cause nerve damage and she has had to put many dogs to sleep becuase of Hartz. Why didn’t somone tell us before.. I might loose all my babys…