i just read this about 12 hours after applying drops and a collar to my kitten!

i have a young kitten and recently relized that he had fleas i applied hartz drops and hartz flea collar about 12 hours ago. i removed the collar just now after reading this. there doesn’t seem to be any reaction and the cat seems healthy. Do i still need to be worried? it can’t affect all cats or it would be banned right?

Hartz Dental Chews (bacon flavor)

I bought this product while on vacation, as a treat for our two toy poodles that were with us. Due to the busy vacation schedule I forgot to give them to our dogs and on our return I allowed them to have the chews. One of the dogs (Bella) would not touch her chew, while the other (Abby) chewed hers and Bella’s till there was nothing left.
The next day Abby started acting very odd. She was overly tired, disorented and throwing up.When she tried to stand, she fell over and we rushed her to the Vet.
It turns out it was the Hartz chew that caused poor Abby to get this sick. It has been four days and Abby is still having bad reactions from that chew.


Im so glad we found this website! A few days ago I found a flea on my Pug, “Piggy” we used HARTZ Advanced Care Flea & Tick drops and soon after his fur was raised where we applied it. We quickly gave him a very good bath and hoped that all was well, the next mroning Piggy woke up covered in hives (his fur was raised in little round bumps) I gave him benadryl. later that night his ears began to bleed and become covered with pus! I immediately called my vet again and she explained about this horrid product!! Im on my way to the vet right now! Im sick to think that I’ve hurt him in any way!! PLease let me know if I could help in any way to stop sales of this product!! I too will be spreading the word! Thank you for this site, I also have forwarded it to my own vet.

Scranton, PA

Poor kittu

My cat thats 2 yrs old, i got him from my sister inlaw about a month ago, it had fleas so i got it the hartz shampoo and flea drops, last sundays 2 weeks after the drops were put on it had seizers for 3 hours non stop, i took it to the vet had a bill of 250, I worte hartz and havent heard back from them. any suggestions on how i can get through them?

Try Advantage Flea & Tick Drops

Thanks to finding this site last week I was able to save my Siamese from a horrible fate. He picked up fleas at his last vet visit and both him and I were going out of minds. I ordered Advantage Flea & Tick drops from 1-800-PETMEDS, used it on him Wednesday and in less than 24 hours he was flea-free!! It costs more than OTC meds but it is worth the money for the piece of mind you and your pet will have.

not selling Hartz

I just wanted to tell you guys that after I read this website (on which I check daily) I went to my boss and told him, and I showed him the website and he stopped selling Hartz products. To let you know I work at a discount werehouse store and we get items form places like Wal-Mart. I am so happy that we got rid of Hartz. I still check daily but it all goes in the trash!

Reading the warnings on packaging is an indication not to use.


This is not a horror story but instead one of avoidance and enlightenment. I found some fleas on my long-hair cat and went to Rite-Aid pharmacy and purchased approximately $30.00 US worth of Hartz flea products, including the Carpet dust, the advanced flea and tick collar, and the cat shampoo.

I got home, put the Hartz advanced flea and tick collar on my cat, and put him in a safe place so that I could clean the carpet. I then administered the Hartz carpet dust, waited only a few minutes then quickly vacuumed it up after reading the warnings on the box about not letting near children, near skin, etc.. Ok, so I figure I just won’t use the carpet dust, but the other products can’t be that bad. About an hour went by while the cat continued wearing the Hartz collar, then I take the collar off so that I can bathe my cat. So then I go and give my cat a bath using only a very SMALL amount of the hartz flea shampoo for cats. I used only a tiny amount, much less than the recommended amount, just because my cat doesn’t like baths and it’s usually a struggle to wash him so there is no time to really lather him up.

Ok, cat was dried, and I put the collar back on him and then sat down to fully read the warnings on the Hartz product box. Interesting, I thought to myself as I read, the box has multiple warnings not to let near children or skin! Now, how could a product intended for a tiny animal, have warnings and even a listed antidote in case shock is induced in humans… Being a physicist with a good understanding of chemistry, immediately it was obvioius that if the active chemicals can injure or kill humans, it’s going to hurt my cat. So I walk over and remove the collar from the cat, and apologize to him for not at first realizing the numbing feeling in my fingers simply from handling the collar.. Overall, the collar had contact against his super long hair for about 2 hours maximum. I put the collar back in its Hartz box, take the shampoo and carpet powder and throw it all away in a plastic bag and seal it, never to be used again. I did not notice any clear signs of Cat agitation since the product was only around him for a short time period. Currently however, he is itching a lot more than usual around his neck, the area that was shampooed the most, but that could still be due to remnants of fleas. I shaved his entire neck area today and everything seemed fine skin wise.

So the moral is, if something is going to kill you or your children, don’t use it on your animals! My cat might still have fleas but at least he was not totally poisoned by Hartz, but only because I quickly stopped using the products after reading the severe warnings against human contact.

cat survived,

my 5 year old siam/balin. (orion) had the hartz flea drops applied by a sympathetic neighbor… yes, my neighbor… (older lady. didnt know any better.. i still think that hartz, promoting the product should know better…) the woman said she thought my cat in the yard (got loose by accident, my child let him out..has skin issues..looks like hes having flea issues to her…) took a day to drop into seizures. she told me what she put on him later.. the day he came home, he had a clear greasy substance behind his ears, and was twitching, jumped and missed the counter.. i washed him all off immediatly and took him to the nearest vet.. not my vet, the NEAREST. they said he was too far gone, just give up… dont waste my money on it… (HOW RUDE) i couldnt do that. i wanted to give him a day to live.. 4 hours later, they said.. oh well, just let it go, its gonna cost too much.. i insisted to keep trying, as long as hes not suffering.. they said he wont recoup. the next morning, he was doing great, not complete, but better.. within a week, he had his full balance back and now is springloaded. dont use these flea drops. dont use them trying to help someone elses pet. dont give up on your pets. dont let a vet talk you into giving in on your pet. (ok… so im outta 300+ bucks.. i have my orion.. ) last time at that vet, even in an emergency..
cant anyone push these emails – messages to walmart and other big chains that they are selling such a bad product? maybe then it will drive hartz to STOP production? if so, include my name.. this isnt my first bad experience just my most recent..

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